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A real mixture of predictions for this one, no doubt caused by Latics' performances so far and a belief/hope that it has to improve some time. So here goes.

Premier League

@aidan_latics (up 3 places to 12th), @rudemedic (up 5 to 5th) and @youngen (up 5 to 13th) were the top scorers with 4 points apiece. @Ex_pat just clings on to top spot, but @disjointed falls 7 places to 15th. 






Five points was the best, picked up by @Oafc1895, who moves up 7 places to take over at the top. @BP1960 moves up a couple of places to challenge the top two as @al_bro drops 5 places. Two former top class players, @DavidCollinge and @south east latic are both in early trouble at the foot of the table.




League 1

Four points was again the best anyone could muster, by @jbroyton (up 3 to 5th), @JohnG123 (up 3 to 6th), @Sparkleking (up 1 to 3rd) and @the_mighty_bosh, who takes over at the top at @alien's expense. @dannyboy55555 was the biggest fall, down 6 places to 12th.




League 2

The four points scored by @laticsrblue (up 6 places to 7th) and @RobinsDuckEgg (who remains in 3rd place) were the best scores as the top six all stay as they were. The biggest drop was @hinchy (down 4 to 12th). There was no prediction from @pcassist and, unfortunately, the post by @philwhite had to be discounted as he had predicted a 1-1 draw, but Latics winning 3-1 at half time. 


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I had left a prediction for todays game, but there doesn't appear to be any easy way to make predictions and I only found what I thought was the area on Twitter by chance. You can keep the money and put it into the pot and withdraw my name please. Ian G.

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Hi Ian


All the information on how to post predictions and the rules were posted in this thread below before games got under way. Let me know if you need any further information on you want to carry on.



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