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Colchester United V Oldham Athletic

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Well he did have a spell at FC Dijon

It's equivalent to hating the corner flags

But most people yesterday had written him off as being useless.  Whilst early days, i hope those people will at least be man enough to eat a little bit of humble pie this evening 

If Rowe doesn’t appear second half then it’s confirmed what other fans have said.  Kewell is thick and stubborn. 

He’ll probably take off the wrong player even if he does bring him on though. 

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3 minutes ago, Bristolatic said:

When was the last time we lost the first four league games of a season?

On BBC Final Score they have just said that we have only lost our first four league games 3 times before in our history.  Also just mentioned that Kewell is our 14th manager since Lee Johnson left in 2015.

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1 minute ago, archiecat said:

Never thought we could get any lower than those mickey mouse frenchies but by christ,this lot are unreal !



Maouche, Missile and Nepo are miles better than this mob. 

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1 minute ago, Gaz_Oafc said:

If the new #frenchlad can play midfield he has to come on at half time


Garrity, McCalmont and Whelan absolute Dog Shit

that’s true. Headless chickens. 

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1 minute ago, kev1969 said:

He does not have a clue f*** off kewell


Nor do this bunch of half hearted charlatans.

Worst team by far I've  

ever seen in 60 years 

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