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Premier League

Another good week for @aidan_latics who now leads the way. Closely followed by @singe who top scores for the week with 6 points. @stevesidgfails to predict, and drops into the relegation zone. Rather embarrassingly for all the preseason chat, @24hoursfromtulsehilland last season's champion* @lookersstandandysit squarely in mid table.




Low scores all round in the Champ, with @Bristolatic, Lawman, and @pjkent top scoring with 4. @Laticsbiffo retains top spot, and @LaticsPete slumps to the bottom. No entry from @Latics_Fanatic this week.



League 1

Another 6 points for @CoreyECFC matching the top score for the week, sees our friendly Grecian move ahead of @the_mighty_bosh to top spot. A bad week for @Gentleman who falls into the drop spot after failing to predict (along with @Ryan and @jbroyton).



League 2

4 points again the best score here, with 6 predictors registering this score - @4oakslatic, @deyres42, @heatonmoorlatic, @Mdireland88, @philwhite, and @RobinsDuckEgg. 4 of those make up our top 6, with @futchers briefsdropping out after failing to submit an entry (along with @hinchy). @pcassist remains on zero points.



(any mistakes mine, not @Bristolatic's!)

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2 hours ago, Dave_Og said:

Total pts for this week says nil for me but due one for correct no. of Latics goals? 

Ah yes - you had your HT/FT scores the wrong way round, I need to tweak the goals bit as well. Will reflect in next week's table.

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