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Jayzus, we've got a match tomoro..

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It's a simple game made complicated by coaches wanting players to do things they aren't capable of. In 1966 had Alf Ramsy tried to make his players pass the ball around like Brazilains we wouldn"t hav

Pretty much Barnets first mistake tho and he is basically a kid thrown in as a last resort a couple of times but kept doing well. I like him.

Pidge is competitive, brave and puts his body where it hurts. Many a young academy player could learn from that.

Just now, Clubfootkilkenny said:

That comment was made in the immediate aftermath of our goal, we invited them on for a few minutes, admittedly, we did have a spell of our own at the end.

Do you think you might sometimes leap to conclusions....?

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2 minutes ago, kowenicki said:

Point won.

Can we START with the correct team next time please. 

Clarke looks a player. 

Spot on. This messing around with line-up is baffling...ok, the return of Lawlor in the nets is a given but ffs, changing a winning team is just doing it for the sake of it, in my opinion. Squad rotation is not an option at Latics right now.

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