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Just seen that the club has put this on its website - three new Trustees for the Community Trust. 


Look decent additions on the face of it and hopefully they will contribute effectively to enable OAFC (re)gain awards for being an effective Community club. 


Does anyone know any of these Trustees? Wishing them and the Community Trust all the best in helping OAFC reach out to the community and ensure OAFC gets to the heart of the Town that it serves - welcome all   



Oldham Athletic Community Trust are delighted to announce three new trustees, including a new chair of trustees.

Phil Royales is now appointed as the Chair of the Trustees at OACT, with Tansy Jones (HR Trustee) and John Belfield (Customer Experience Trustee) also joining the organisation.

Here's their reaction to joining...

Phil Royales – Chair of Trustees

I work as a Regional Head of Service for Guinness Property, until recently I held a national role with Guinness which involved travelling around the country.  

I’ve supported Oldham Athletic all my life with my great great Grandfather, Albert Grey, a founder member of Pine Villa 125 years ago, I suppose the club runs in my blood. 


Given my new role at Guinness I now have time spare to give back to our community, something I really enjoy doing in my day to day role. The sense of achievement you feel when you’ve put a smile on faces of people who sometimes are less fortunate is truly satisfying. 

I’ve been looking to get involved in the community for a couple of months and saw the job advertisement for the OACT Chair which I had no hesitation in applying for and now I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to work with the Directors and staff to really understand the skills we have in the Community Trust and identify any gaps, along with building relationships with the club and stakeholders across the community.

With the team we are going to look at other valuable initiatives to get involved in and support along with increasing the good work we already do in our community.

Tansy Jones – HR Trustee

I live in Oldham with my partner Graham, our four pet guinea pigs and we are currently expecting a baby boy. I’ve worked in HR in central government for over a decade now.

I’m a big Latics fan, having gone to my first game well over 20 years ago having received a free ticket from my school - as a result of the work of the equivalent of the trust at the time. I’ve also spent time as a volunteer running Boundary Blues. 


I’m a big fan of the work of the trust, and the impact they have both on local community and Latics, so I was really keen to support them when the opportunity came up. 

I’m really hoping to be able to use my experience in HR to benefit the trust, to help ensure that we continue to have great people doing great work for our community. 

John Belfield – Customer Experience Trustee

Currently I work as a Customer Relations Manager for IKEA, a role that I have held for four years. Previous to that I have been held store manager roles in both food and non food retailers. I have two kids who are seven and five, and myself and my partner are also foster carers so we usually have a third child in the home.

I’ve been an Oldham supporter for over 35 years, I’ve sat in every area of the ground over that time although I have fond memories of The Lookers Paddock. In my spare time I present a radio show on Radio Alty, featuring unsigned and up and coming music and I’m also the Artistic Director of Goose Green Festival which is a two day music festival in Altrincham featuring unsigned bands and artists. 


I really enjoy being part of projects that involve and enrich the local community. The opportunity to be involved in a project with the club I have supported since being a child was a great opportunity. Although the success of the club is largely driven by performances on the pitch, I am a big believer that the Community Trust plays a massive part in bridging links with the local community. 

From the short time that I have been in role, it is clear that the work the Community Trust do is already well thought of in the community of Oldham. I would like to explore how we can improve that further, and reach all parts of the local area. I’m also looking forward to working alongside the other trustee directors to support the Community Trust to continue it’s fantastic work.

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I saw something the other day about Pidge being awarded something about Community Player of the Season by the EFL or another body, once again some achievement in trying to bring respectability to the club. 


What I haven't seen yet is how Latics community trust may compare to other Community  Trusts in the region - for example have the Dale's Trust achieved X number of community engagements as well? Just so we can get a feel for how good our Community Trust is in comparison to others or indeed how our Trust has performed this season in comparison to last as a mark of how much progress we have made. 


Was hoping that might have heard something from the Trustees (opening post). just hoping they have not been appointed for show like the fans rep on the Board. 


Well done to all at the Community Trust who are working hard to try and get OAFC out in the Community in a positive light         

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52 minutes ago, unsworth blue said:

I saw something the other day about Pidge being awarded something about Community Player of the Season by the EFL or another body,  

That's an achievement worth noting (or at least it sounds like it) rather than the pointless click bait of being in the team of the week or whatever



Oldham defender Carl Piergianni named PFA Community Champion | The Oldham Times

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