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I'm a little surprised at you BP.  You usually have some insight.  This season started with no proper pre-season, and immediately went into a punishing schedule with matches mostly twice a week.  Play

We were just biden our time till Zak’s late winner 


8 minutes ago, SweeperKeeper said:

Whelan and Dunn both think they're Pirlo.  Lofted passes, no look passes, one touch round the corner.


All straight to the opposition


It's tragic.


Probably my two worst players to ever wear the latics shirt, and I’ve seen some bad uns.

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6 minutes ago, latics22 said:

What's big joe doing these days worth a punt? If I won the euro, I'd bring shez as manager and joe as advisor. Wjat would eveyone else do? Id tie shez down obvs, 5 years well paid. Total freedom, play proper football 





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1 minute ago, League one forever said:

I know it’s early- 


But . .

We’re going down aren’t we. 


Oh we are fucked! I'm not watching I didn't want to watch it's too painful but I'm not surprised at all by the comments I'm reading here.

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1 minute ago, bigfatjoe1 said:

I've spent the last hour trying to think of a Oldham worse starting XI in the last 50 years. I give up.


I can assure you we have turned out reserve teams in the Lancashire Combination better.

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