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A Halloween horror show from Latics...


Premier League

We're a pessimistic bunch in the Premier League - 15 of the 18 of us predicting a loss. The top scorer of 5 was hit by @aidan_latics, @singe (he's up then he's down then he's up) and yours truly. @JohnnyPimp didn't predict. @Latics and England stays top, and @milnrow latics stays bottom.




This week's top score of 8 is achieved by Lawman (getting it the right way round this time!), and @Nohairdontcare - cementing their place in the top 2, 7 points is the gap to new in 3rd place @pjkent. @Handsy misses this round and drops 7 to 16th. @DavidCollinge moves off the bottom, replaced by @LaticsPete.



League 1

@Londonboy also hits 8 and moves up to 2 off the playoff positions. @jbroytonwas late, and misses out on 4 points. @rvlaticdidn't predict, and drops to the bottom. @Gentleman should check he has a valid pred in for the Cheltenham game, as he put another one in for Rd 10 only yesterday...



League 2

Has @pcassistgiven up? He's rooted to the bottom at any rate. @mackin89 and @MrPartyPants6 top score with 5 - the latter (who's late edit didn't count, and actually meant he scored an extra point) moving into 2nd place behind @deyres42.


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