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Body Bag Bingo 2021 - Team Picks **Entry Closes 31st Dec 23:59**

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Pick 10 celebs who you think will kick the bucket in 2021 and pick one to be your captain. Denote your captain in brackets next to your pick



1. Every celebrity that dies who is in your team will score you 100 points MINUS their age. Younger picks will net you more points. Picks 100 years old or over won't score any points.

2. If your captain dies you get double points for that pick

3. No kids. Picks must be 18 years old+

4. No points scored before 1st Jan 2021 or after 31st Dec 2021

5. No new entries or edits to your picks can be made after 31st Dec 2020

6. You can pick celebrities who other users have picked but your entire team must be unique from everybody else’s e.g you can’t pick the exact same 10 celebrities as another poster

7. If you pick a celebrity with a fairly common name please note down in brackets who you mean e.g. "Tom Smith (Rugby Player)" or "Paul Jones (Singer)".


8. 25 bonus points for predicting the nearest date to Prince Philips death. 35 points if you pick the exact date. 

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Jackie Stewart

Bobby Charlton. (Capt)

Dennis Law

Olivia Newton John

Dennis Skinner


Stuart Hall

Alan Brazil

Kenny Samson. - ex England full back 

George Cohen - World Cup Winner


Prince Phillip departs 7 February

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William shatner

Ghislaine Maxwell

Betty White

Jimmy Greaves

Linda Nolan

Michael Schumacher 

Donald Trump

Olivia Newton -John

Billy Connolly 

Shannen Doherty (C)


phil 28th june

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Steve Gleason (NFL - safety for New Orleans) (C)

Kristin Hallenga

Jason Becker (Musician)

Jana Bennett (BBC person)

Lee Noble (Boxer)

Tom Smith (Rugby)

Ady Barkan (US Activist)

Rob Burrow

Doddie Weir

Tom Parker (the Wanted)


Phil the Danish Greek officially pops off 30th June


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Peter Swan age 84, was banned from football in the early 60's after taking part in a betting scam which involved his Sheff Wed team losing against Ipswich. Also served a prison sentence for his misdemeanour. Prior to this he had won 19 England caps. 

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