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Bahamboula is a very skilful footballer of that there is no doubt. However, in my opinion, he is let down by his decision making and his desire to hold on to the ball. He is often double or triple-tea

Suggests to me that we have 20 odd players who are largely of a similarly low standard

Subs changed it, we looked the far more likely team to win it at the end. Frustrating that it takes them going 1-0 again to play though, and there's still too many passengers in the side   H

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Looked well over the line to me, no complaints there. If you watch it back he's stood well behind the line so I'd say there's not much doubt about it having crossed the line.

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Infuriating that. Awful defending from Hamer in the first place diving in and conceding the foul, and the defending for the goal isn't even amateurish. Just a really sloppy, disjointed performance again. Only bright spark is Hilsner really 


Fage off, Bahamboula on, let's get at them

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We should never ever have started this game with Jombati at centre back. Hamer is a better centre back than Jombati, and Jombati is a better right back than Hamer. So why has he done that ? 

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I thought they looked comfortably better than us on the ball.  Think the scoreline is fair so far.


Jombati doesn't look great, Hamer better than previously but a moronic foul before the goal.


Hilßner looks OK.  Got to hope that Bahamboula gives us a spark when he comes on.

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1 minute ago, Chaddyexile84 said:

Ah well at least I’ll get some points in the predictor this week - had 0-1 at half time (I think) 

I can't remember if I posted, if I did I hope I had 0-1

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2 minutes ago, LightDN123 said:

Also, why can we not pick someone out from a throw in ? 

Agree, nearly every throw goes to the opposition. In part I think because we take an absolute age to take the throw, we need players who are far more alert and moving. That applies all over the pitch we are slow to react as well.

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