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BPAS PODCAST: 18th Jan '21 Episode 18: Evans Above - Interview with the CEO

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Great podcast. Karl clearly took the job because of the NS challenge. AL appears to want to take over everything Brassbank own around the ground, not just the stadium and car park. If he doesn't achieve this, then Karl will be off.

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I have almost got to the end of this episode.   Thanks to Matt for all the brilliant work he does in bringing the podcast to us each week. It’s always entertaining, relevant and interesting

We need to move on from it, because it's dragged on for long enough, but it should be remembered how it's all unravelled (or is still unravelling).  On it's own it's probably an issue we can overlook

So I’ve listened Matt, and firstly I thought you came across really well. Thoughtful, balanced, and challenged when and where you could. Karl was more open and honest than I thought, (in part to your

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