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There were no predictions from @JohnnyPimp, @singe, @HarryBosch, @dannyboy55555, @rvlatic, @heatonmoorlatic and @pcassist. There was an impossible prediction from @mackin89 [1-0 win, but 0-1 at half time] and @philwhite posted his prediction too late to count [18:55].


I've also spent a fair bit of time this morning going right back to Match 1 of the season to double check that later predictions hadn't got mixed up and so had not been counted. It is virtually impossible for that to happen, but I wanted to be extra sure that no one's preds had been missed. As we have said before, once you have posted your prediction, check this sheet and scroll down* to the appropriate match. Your prediction will appear instantly so, if it's not there, post again and re-check.


*As @oafcmetty has said elsewhere, instead of scrolling, click on a cell, hold down Ctrl and press the down arrow. It will take you to the bottom of the sheet, but you may have to scroll back up above the blank, unused cells.


The new system is only days away. Stay tuned.


Anyway, off we go.


Premier League

The aforementioned @oafcmetty top scored with 6 points, which moves him up 4 places to 3rd, only 5 points behind the leader, @stevesidg. The 5 points scored by @aidan_latics takes him out of the relegation zone as @JohnnyPimp falls in. @nzlatic also collected 5 points and climbs 3 places.





Very little change anywhere here as @Handsy's 3 points were the best of the day, although his position doesn't change. The top three stay the same as only @LaticsPete and @mick26 swap places as do @Oafc1895 and @Brisbaneblue.



League 1

Again, 3 points was the best anyone scored, this time by @jbroyton, who stays in 10th place. The top two don't move, but @tGWB closes the gap on @alisonh1981 to a single point. Only 4 points separate the top six places. @Ryan and @dannyboy55555 change places in the relegation zone.



League 2

And it's 3 points again that's the best as @deyres42 takes over the top spot from @RobinsDuckEgg. There's no change in the play-off places, @Jimboothand @heatonmoorlatic swap places and it's as you were in the bottom four.




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I sent a prediction in for this game well before the cut off time, it wouldn't matter really as it was a poor offering, but I did send it in and got the reply that it had been received. 

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