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The Athletic: Oldham Athletic, a bag of £20 notes and a ‘pretty toxic’ mood

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On 1/30/2021 at 10:59 AM, latics22 said:

Can u ask about the brass bank special that never got wrote

To be fair, I think most of what he was going to say was already rumour and quickly became common knowledge.  Plus, the shit show that has followed the TTA/ Corney regime has reset the new normal at OAFC and so didn’t really surprise many.

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Can u ask about the brass bank special that never got wrote

Got to disagree here, support journalists and click the article - if you can pay for it, do so - if not use the 7-day free-trial.

Ask him about the time he tried to heat up his milk in a plastic bowl on the hob. Or when my dad took him and my brother out of the ground to miss the traffic before Redders scored THAT penalty. 

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