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PREDICTION LEAGUE URGENT MESSAGE: You must submit on both sites...

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Hello all,


This is a short message about the new OWTB Prediction League, and how to submit prediction for the next couple of games. Whilst we've tested the new site over the past few weeks, there always exists the possibility that some bugs may remain. As such, we're planning to "parallel run" both systems for the upcoming Salford and Scunthorpe games - by this we mean we'd like all users to enter predictions in both systems where possible.


We must do this to compare results from both systems - one from the existing, tried and tested platform against another (hopefully identical) set of results from the new site in beta. This helps us iron out any problems with the new site, creating a better easier experience for the users.


There's a lot to do for these two matches, but after that we should be fully up and running on the new site!


You can check all the latest updates in this thread on OWTB:



Once more, thanks for your support and making the OWTB Prediction League as successful as it is.


@Bristolatic, @oafcmetty and the rest of the OWTB team.

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