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As  a fairly large number of players only posted in one system or the other, instead of both, we have had to enter all the missing ones in each system ourselves. To make sure we have not made any errors, we are cross checking every prediction now to ensure that both sets of tables are a perfect match. As soon as the new system's tables are ready, I'll post on here so, if you look now, they may not be complete.


Five players didn't take part and @4oakslatic predicted an impossible outcome, namely goals scored in the half time pred, but 0-0 at full time.


Premier League

@astottie top scored with 6 points, moving him up a lace to 3rd, whilst @GlossopLatic deposes @stevesidg at the top. There wasn't a great deal of movement elsewhere and, although @disjointed and @JohnnyPimp swapped places, they're still in the relegation zone.




@Handsy's 6 points shoots him up 4 places into the 2nd automatic promotion slot replacing @pjkent and @mick26's same score takes him up 5 places to 8th. The 4 points scored by @JoeP take him to the fringe of the play-offs and the bottom four stay as they were.



League 1

@alisonh1981 and @Sparkleking were the best in the division, again with 6 points, the former maintaining top spot, the latter moving up to 7th. @CoreyECFC climbs into 2nd place, kicking out @tGWB. The bottom three are getting cut adrift and need to react to avoid relegation.



League 2

@RobinsDuckEgg (also with a top score of 6) and @deyres42 swap places again at the top. No one from 3rd to 9th moved at all, the same with the bottom three. @Mdireland88 and @heatonmoorlatic swapped places between 10th and 11th.





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