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We've cross checked everything, including our eyes, and it all looks good. Everything you need to know about how it works and how to gain access is included in here


You can see everyone's predictions as well as your own for every match. Ignore any date stamps up to and including the Salford match if they look as though entered after kick-off times. They are where we had to input ourselves where preds had not been included in both systems or they were brought up to date for purposes of alignment.


Premier League Championship League 1 League 2 tables are within these links, so you can either access them in the new system on the "Home" screen or save the links in your browser. Click on each of these and you will see the same tables as posted yesterday.


Please make sure you are registered in the new system and post identical predictions in BOTH old and new systems for the Scunthorpe match on Saturday. This is the last match that the old system will be available. If you post in the old system first and can't remember what you have predicted before posting in the new system, you can see them in this sheet  If you post a prediction in the old system ONLY for the Exeter game onwards, we won't see them and, therefore, you will not score any points! Any questions, just ask.


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