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Although the Scunthorpe match was called off today, we are still going with just the new system from now on. Here's why.


By the time today's postponement had filtered through, 38 players had taken part in the new system, but 11 of them had not posted in the old one for us to complete the final cross check. On the other hand, 30 players had posted in the old system, but only 26 of them had done so in the new one. So, again, without manually transferring them over ourselves, we couldn't cross check.


There doesn't seem to be much point in repeating the exercise, so it's the new system only from next Saturday's Exeter match onwards. 


We now have another week to be sure everyone is problem free in the new set up so, if something doesn't seem to be working for you as it should, please let me or @oafcmetty know and we will sort it out for you.

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2 minutes ago, disjointed said:

Would it be wise to pm those that posted only in the old one to ensure they know the score. Not trying to find work for you. Appreciate all you and Metty have done. 

Pete has already done it - the legend! Just need people to read the bloody things



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