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MATCH: vs Forest Green Rovers (A) 16/02/21

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The flipping referee is crepe......


Oh come on someone had to do it on pancake day.


Btw has anyone been betting on over 1.5 goals a game in our fixtures this season?

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You keep saying this but it's not true.  He didn't play every game, he missed 3 of 37 league games.  We conceded 57 in the league in total, but 51 in the 34 games Wheater was involved in (1.5 goals pe

Post about Wheater using those statistics I just can't get on board with. Comparing 3 games to 37 isn't possible and then bending those stats to include games where Wheater played but we conceded when

I'd take the football under Kewell over Dino's everyday of the week. It hasn't been a brilliant season performance wise but it's been a million times more entertaining than last season 

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16 minutes ago, GKing521 said:

The referees in this country are a disgrace. When you've got divas like Mike Dean setting a terrible example, you'll have no marks like this fat little man in the middle trying to make it all about themselves. 

Train as a ref? 

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5 minutes ago, BP1960 said:

Probably the most incompetent referee I've seen in 60 years.

Hmmm, Sarginson, Joyce, Haines. All equally crap. Even in the Prem, you've got muppets like Dean, Oliver, Moss.  

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Referee tonight making me laugh. Whips his cards out like he owns the gaff. legs spread, socks as high as they can. He's making such a fool of himself, getting big parking attendant vibes from the guy. Hope he sorts himself out in the second half, because we are evidently a much better side. 

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1st goal, terrible tracking by Bahamboula.  After Jombati got his foot in Cargill had a free run at goal because Bahamboula just watched him, very good finish mind.


2nd goal, I've defended Lawlor this season but that was atrocious.  If he reaches for the ball he either gets the ball or a foul, but he let it drop and was surprised that Cargill headed it first.  A droppable offence.


Our goal, brilliant by DKD and a really calm finish by Grant with his wrong foot.


We can score enough to win this game but we're more than likely to concede more than that.

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Neat little lay off by Hilssner to McAleny after his shot was blocked. Excellent play by Hilssner then to draw the foul. I bet that hurt the ref having to give their man a yellow.

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