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List the best keepers we've ever had in the lower divisions.

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On 2/17/2021 at 2:30 PM, Dave_Og said:


Gordine is the first one that I really remember.  I can recall being very impressed that he could jump up and ping the crossbar up and down.  But then I was short at the time (not unreasonably, given I was 6)


In the sixties and seventies, you sometimes saw goalkeepers grab the crossbar in the course of a game, and those made of metal would bounce up and down a few times. I was at a home game against Gillingham in 1968-69 when the crossbar actually broke, and the game was held up for a lengthy period while repairs were made. Gordine would've been our keeper that day - wonder if he caused that to happen?


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I'd like to give an honourable mention to Barry Gordine.   He had the difficult task of replacing David Best in 1968-69, but did well despite the team finishing in 24th place in the old Div

Ogden and Pogs, definitely. I'd add Gary Kelly, but not Miskelly. I thought Ripley was excellent and so was Iverson (surprisingly muted response from some fans, but i thought he was better than Ripley

i have supported latics actively for 60 yrsiin that time missed only 25 home matches-sickness.weddings funerals and greame sharp.there have beensome good keepers and bad.my top choice is david best.wo

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