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Well, it was a hell of a game but, unsurprisingly, no one expected a 4-3 defeat. @Dick_Valentine posted but he couldn't see it showing. He emailed his prediction to @oafcmetty, who posted for him. Unfortunately, @laticsrblue didn't post a prediction until 19:22 (22 minutes after kick-off), so his pred is void; as it turned out, he wouldn't have scored any points anyway.

So here we go with the new tables set up.


All the links highlighted below are accessible by simply going to the Home Page. If there's anything you're not sure about, just shout.


To view everyone's predictions, Look here

To view everyone's weekly scores, Look here


Premier League

There's no change to the top six as @JohnnyPimp top scores with 5 points, but only moves up one place into the last relegation place. Otherwise, no one scored more than two points.

Premier League Table



Just two points was the best anyone could manage, so it's no change at the top or bottom, although @Nohairdontcare extends his lead at the top by another two points.

Championship Table


League 1

@the_mighty_bosh's five points saw him top scorer as he shoots up three places into the second automatic promotion slot replacing @CoreyECFC. Players from sixth downwards stay the same apart from two players swapping places in the relegation zone.

League 1 Table


League 2

Again, only two points was the best score, shared by five players. Other than @MrPartyPants6 and @hinchy swapping places, no one moved at all. @deyres42 closed the gap on first place to two points

League 2 Table

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