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As a team we were appalling.   Individually Adams, McAleny, DKD, Diarra and Lawlor (disappointing for the goal but good saves in the rest of the game) were average.  Jameson improved in the

If Olly Banks is knocking people off the ball then we have a problem!

He should resign after that.

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26 minutes ago, super_blue said:

Froze but working now after a refresh. 

Wish it would freeze Roy though...the guest presenter can’t say much without being interrupted with Roy’s take on the topic 😆

Still loads of time for that! 

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Horrific. Defence shocking. Midfield non existent. Tasdemir seems such a wasteful loan signing when we have far bigger issues, completely lacking any quality in his Latics career so far. 

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What is it with i-follow and that ridiculous close range and even worse focus?

It is the only ground that has this issue. 

It cannot be too difficult to raise the gantry and add a wide angle focus lens.

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Just now, astottie said:

I'd like to be able to comment on Tasdemir's second touch.

He does't get a second touch because his first is shite, couldn't play in the Oldham sunday league!

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Tasdemir rubbish.Rest of team not much better.Barrow just hoofing and chaseing the ball and winning it against a poor defence.

Cant do any worse second half can we?

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Tasmedir has done nothing in any games.

Surely he won't start the 2nd half.

McAlmont being outmuscled and he could come off too.

Bahanboula looks uninterested, needs rocket from HK.


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