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BPAS PODCAST: 22nd Feb '21 Episode 23: Hotel Barry-fornia

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This week we discuss the 2-2 draw against Tranmere with Andy Bickerdike, Ste Shipman and plastic Latic Danny Taylor of PTB. 


Following on from last week's interview with Ashley Brown from The FSA, the conversation turns to Andy's experience with Trust Oldham, their relationship with PTB and what the next step should be for them as an organisation. Plus HK's interview, PTB's latest from CEO Karl Evans, Hotel Barry-fornia and much more. 


You can join in the conversation by emailing your messages, questions, rants and voice messages to bpalertsystem@gmail.com.


Follow the show on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @oafcpodcast.


Learn more about The FSA by visiting https://thefsa.org.uk/


You can find out more about Push The Boundary by visiting them at www.pushtheboundary.co.uk and following on Twitter @PTB_OAFC


Title music is by Manchester DJ and producer Starion find out more at www.redlaserrecords.bandcamp.



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Hotel Barry-fornia, love it.


One of my all time favourite songs. Only trouble now is, I can't shake off a mental image of Barry appearing round a corner in that great video.


If you're reading this Barry, you certainly can check out any time you like AND leave.

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On 2/22/2021 at 11:59 AM, League one forever said:

Very good Matt. 

‘What does push the big red button mean?’ 


‘Oh, it just means we shout a lot’ 


‘Is that it?’ 




New board and new outlook is for us to "be ready". This is what we took from the FSA training we did with PTB in October. Some boxes we ticked, we are a company, we are the nominator of the ACV, we are a shareholder who has a Rep to the board, some boxes we needed to work on.


Now is the time we have to do the responsible thing and making ourselves ready for fan investment/ownership or both. Plan A, B, C I affectionally call them.



Plan A = Asset of community value. Our work with the landlord and our right to bid if BP became available to buy. Our Pre-trigger work. Its a project that is going to need particular skills. RICS surveyor, Commercial solicitor, businesses planning. Research are we set up right as a company ourselves. Think Community benefit society instead of company Ltd by guarantee and what grants/funding streams we can tap into. This has to be done before we make and informed decision if it is viable option to bid.


Plan C = Club, our work with the MOU, Rep to the board, share holder rights, good governance. Good intelligence gathering


Plan B = Both.


We had to get a grip of in the early months. Get our basics right, stuff at Companies house we needed to do, we had to have a new website and thank the volunteer who helped as well as doing our twitter for a while.


End of Nov/beginning of In December we made a start on us "being ready". We reached out to Hearts with their fundraising scheme, we contact Oldham council and Oldham college on a potential scheme and how it can re-investing back in Oldham/Support local as such. We contacted Canaries Trust with their leave a legacy and in January we zoom met with a company who help run supporter club lotteries.


We had a strategy meeting in January and last week we looked at the ACV pre-trigger work.


Lots of seeds planted and we hope will come into fruition in the next few months.


We are just not very good with how we communicated this stuff, its a weakness and we get it. However, we are hoping to address this as a marketing/PR company have provided a full analysis as well as costing to provide a service.


Its not easy, we are not a full capacity, ideally we need 12 people. We are only 7 and only 7 since January as 2 have just come back from sickness. Four of us work full time, three are retired. 


We understand that the Trust reputation is shot, but it literally is in "our hands". We can only do so much we need help and there are lots of ways you can do this now.


Easyfundraising = Use this app to do your online shopping. Think holidays, switching insurances, food shopping, flowers for the better half after you have kicked the proverbial cat after a last minute latics loss.....Does not cost you a penny. The kickback comes from the retailer


Become a member  = For as little as £1.00 a month of one off fee £10.00


Become a blue and white volunteer = Help us on projects, or on sub committees like the Academy, or just register what skillsets you have so we can contact you


The most valuable commodity to us is time....we need help. A few hours a week if anyone is free. 


It's in our hands. 


If you want to know more please look at the trust website www.trustoldham.org










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Thanks for the update @underdog, it would be great to have the Trust back on the podcast in the near future, so we can hear more about your post above & what you've been up to since we last had you on just before Christmas..... we've emailed Jason & Paul, but are yet to receive a reply.....?

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