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Some pretty decent scores for this one, including one from someone who had posted for the original match and couldn't be bothered changing his prediction. And promptly picked up the maximum 11 points! Here's how we all did.


Premier League

It was @disjointed who swept the board with his 11 point haul. He probably deserved more than climbing the table by only 2 places to 9th. We have a new leader as well as @singe's 4 points knock @stevesidg off the top. @lookersstandandy and @Hometownclub both scored 8 points and climb 3 places to 6th and 4th respectively. No change to the bottom three.

Premier League Table



@BP1960 and @south east latic were the top scorers with 8 points apiece, the former moving up 2 places into the second automatic promotion slot, just a point behind the leader, @Nohairdontcare and the latter climbing just 1 place to 4th. @LaticsPete's 4 points lift him 3 places to 11th and the 4 points scored by @Brisbaneblue take him out of the relegation zone, dropping @Oafc1895 back in. 

Championship Table


League 1

The 8 points scored by @alien take him up 3 places into the last play-off spot, replacing @CoreyECFC. The top two stay the same, @Londonboy's 6 points increasing his lead over @alisonh1981. At the other end of the table, no one from 10th down moved at all.

League 1 Table


League 2

Pretty low scoring in League 2, but @mackin89's top score of 6 points lifts him up 3 places to 3rd and only 2 points off automatic promotion as the top two only collected a single point each. @MrPartyPants6 edged a little nearer the top two with 3 points, but no one below 6th moved at all, the only changes being in the play-off places.

League 2 Table

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Not bothered that it was only 2 places, slowly closing in on the leaders, its all about timing the run to perfection, last season saw me doing the same until it was declared null and void. 

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