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If Curle isn't given the job for next season then it's pointless bringing in him. There's no point in him sorting out the defence, setting us up in a set style, then off he goes for someone else to co

I think the best way to judge that is on an individual level and on a team level.   Individually there were a few very good performances (Walker, Jameson, McCalmont and, best of the lot, Pie

Have to give KC credit, to get this shower of shite to actually win a home game, well done sir. 

1 minute ago, C.O.JONES said:

This passing out from the back is piss poor

It's got me reaching for the ramipril.


Trouble is there's no point hoofing it when we have no height up front or in midfield.

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1 minute ago, kowenicki said:

I’m assuming there are no options up front or out wide for a pass because  every pass is short and inside. 

There is no wide option at all

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Just now, bigfatjoe1 said:

Hilsner seems to have gone backwards since a promising start.

It’s almost as if he is used to being able to run faster, always stretching for the ball even when he has possession.

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This is like when me and my mates aged 10 used to try and play football with a super-ball on a concrete playground. Except we controlled it better. 

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