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DKD has massively improved in his time here and has potential to get even better. If he’s on his game he’d be in my 11 every week.

He is very direct, is always looking to move the ball quickly, and has an eye for a goal.

If he can be more consistent in his passing and be better defensively without the ball he could be a key player for us....I like him a lot!!

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2 hours ago, Lee Sinnott2 said:

DKD a decent enough squad player but hope we are able to sign a better calibre of player to try and get us promoted from this awful division...

This is what I feel about a lot of our players.  Not against retaining several of them as squad players to keep a bit of continuity, but would hope for at least 5 or 6 players of a better standard to come in and be 1st team regulars next season.

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4 hours ago, Dave_Og said:

For far less? Do you know he's on? 

The reason McAleny isn't progressing is solely down to being at Oldham 

Should be a league above minimum, in other words, he's wasted here!

Bet he's on more than Rowe was.

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1 hour ago, Dave_Og said:

Is it the case that his form has disappeared down a drain since Curle arrived?  That's not proof of causation by the way.

I would suspect that is because hes been out of position. Pre January I was screamin at my TV to get him off. Post january ive been very impressed by him. Even last few games where he's not excelled, there's still things shining through that make me believe he will become the first name on the sheet next season. His pass for mccalmonts goal at weekend was perfect and I dont think many people would have seen thatvpass before he did

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