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BPAS PODCAST: 5th Apr '21 Episode 29: Trust Issues

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Last week we looked at what can be achieved by a well organised, focused and effective supporters trust. This week, we talk to Darren Ratcliffe about his experiences on the board of Trust Oldham and as their rep on the board at the club. All against the backdrop of yet more sponsors walking away and the departure of Barry Owen.


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PTB could be the best thing that has happened to the trust. 

Let them hold the club to account, have the difficult conversations, and galvanise the fan base. Then there is no need for split loyalties. 

Let the trust sit in the background, keeping a professional and cordial relationship with the club. And work on a simple and effective strategy. Which in non emergency times- should be finding partners/fans/investors willing to potentially buy the ground off Blitz. It may take forever, but at least it’s a clear workable target. Which even it got the ball rolling could lead to a big benefit for the club down line. 

They could dovetail perfectly as long as each group has clearly defined roles that they respect. 

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17 hours ago, League one forever said:

‘I’m not talking about the football because . . . what’s the point!?’ 


We were shit last week, and we’ll be shit next week. 



Love it mate. 

Brings to mind an old song:

We can't win at home and we can't win away,

we lost last week and we lost today,

we don't give a f**k 'cause were all pissed up,

we are the Oldham Booze Boys.

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