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League Tables 24.04.2021

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Hmm, that went well. Only one player in all four divisions predicted a defeat and, even though he got the HT and FT scores wrong, we can still blame him. It was @Ryan. So, unless you got HT score and the Latics scorer right, you won't have scored many points.


All predictions here - Filter Match 44

Everyone's scores here - Filter Match 44


Premier League

As expected, the most anyone scored was 5 points, those being @disjointed (up 4 places to 6th and @Ex_pat (up 1 to 13th). @JohnnyPimp climbs out of the relegation places again as @milnrow latics drops back in again. It's as you were for the top five.

Premier League Table



No one in the Championship managed 5 points, 4 being the best scored by brothers @BP1960 (stays in 5th place) and Lawman (up 2 places to 8th). The bottom three stay the same, @DavidCollinge and @Laticsbiffo drop a place each as @Brisbaneblue and @oafcmad09 play swapsies.

Championship Table


League 1

@alisonh1981 (stays top 2 points clear of @Londonboy) and @Dick_Valentine (moves up just 1 place to 9th) were the 5 pointers. Other than @alien and @the_mighty_boshswapping places, as do @Dick_Valentine and @oafc21, everyone stays where they were. It looks very much like the bottom three are relegated.

League 1 Table


League 2

The 4 points scored by @deyres42 takes him a smidgeon closer to @RobinsDuckEgg, who retains pole position. @hinchy is dumped out of the play-offs as @MrPartyPants6and @mackin89 climb a place each. there's no change to the bottom four.

League 2 Table

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