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BPAS PODCAST: 3rd May '21 Episode 33: Enough is Enough

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Reading between the lines I would guess that him leaving has probably more to do with Karl Evans than ALMO. 
Hopefully, it will be an enlightening interview!

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Correct. I think we already know how it's going to play out. That somehow over the past 5 or 6 years of him being on the board he continually told the owners what they were doing was wrong. Like some

I appreciate the good work you're doing, Matt, but I honestly can't understand why you are giving this guy air time.  He has been the one constant in the downward trajectory of the club over the last

You say he’s not a plant, but I saw him on a sheep foot lane in a trench coat and glasses and he was trying to hide behind a lamp post.   I don’t know who he’s trying to kid.     

14 minutes ago, oafc1955 said:

Reading between the lines I would guess that him leaving has probably more to do with Karl Evans than ALMO. 
Hopefully, it will be an enlightening interview!

And to think Evans has been getting a bit of stick on here !

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On 5/7/2021 at 12:34 PM, singe said:

Not a cheap shot, more said ironically. Apathy is rife, the majority have given up.

Nonetheless, I don't think we have to be devoted to PTB to recognise where they are excellent and they might not be right. I know they can take feedback on the chin.

For example, it's fair enough saying Covid restricts things and illness caused delay, but you can't dig at the Trust for not doing anything in the same timeframe whilst also having illnesses, since seeing off the attempted coup.
And it is not right that there are only a dozen fans (between PTB , Foundation and your work to get Away Days only active ) out of several thousand.

PTB have done really good stuff, but need to be ready for the new season and fans back in, I am sure they are preparing hard.
Working with the Foundation is great news, differing objectives and complementary skills working to try and save the club.

But action could be planned.

For example I follow a Spanish team Recreativo Huelva, because they stayed in the hotel we were at before they played Barca in 2003 in La Liga, even though they were at home.
They're the oldest team in Spain formed in 1889.
On Saturday they will be relegated to the 5th tier, due the vagries of Spanish footballl means 2 relegations in one season! Their trust has been in disaray. Council now own them & ground and are 16m euros in debt.
Limited fans are back in on Saturday and they are all wearing black and releasing black balloons. It won't save them, but it ris something aises awareness.


This week saw us ranked 20th of the 92 for fan engagement, a farce. There needs to be greater awareness of our plight or attempts to salvage the club by more of us.



We're stuck a bit in 'No Mans Land' as fans


We have hundreds who don't bother going anymore, maybe a couple of thousand, which reduces potential revenue streams to the 'Mo&Ali Regime' already.


Add to that the take up of season tickets has been poor especially when you take into account that no one has been to a game for 12 months and the early bird pricing package, that's a lot of disgruntled supporters


Problem with the above is that, other than someone scrolling through our attendance figures, it doesn't grab any attention to our protests against the regime and board


Your point regarding European fans protesting is valid especially when you look at the German and Italian Ultras who move thousands of fans when they have issues with their Club Board or their Leagues. Bundesliga Ultras even liaise with each other to stage the same protest if its against the League or tv changing kick off times.

It's fair to say that supporters of English Clubs are nowhere near that organised and act typically in an ad hoc way


We have a few months of downtime now until the season is upon us and I'm hoping the 21/22 fixtures are kind to us to enable us to build up AWAY DAY protests


Rochdale Morecambe Tranmere Salford Port Vale Bradford Scunthorpe Harrogate are all relatively close enough for us to take thousands with a protest campaign coordinated by the PtB 


Personally, I am not going to Boundary Park again unless things significantly change


For Home games a small group of us are still going to do our 'match day experience' of visiting our match day pubs and trying to keep their tills ringing.

Just not going to the game and watching the scores come in on the pub tv


The Big Miss for a lot of us, especially over the last 12 months is spending time having a laugh with our Football Friends, even the folk you regularly talk to and you don't even know their name


 Football is more than a game, it gives a sense of belonging, identity, community and shared memories to fans, families and people who become life long friends











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