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Euro 2020 Prediction Competition

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Just a bit of fun - no money/prizes involved - but I’ve set up an OWTB league at Superbru for the Euro 2020 Predictor game. 

Follow the link straight to the league sign up or search for OWTB https://www.superbru.com/euros_predictor/pool.php?p=12344492


Or you can download the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:




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I’m in. See if I can do the full tournament. As per the standard fantasy league and prediction leagues I tend to start forgetting as the weeks progress. 

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13 minutes ago, L1onheartNew said:

In like Flynn.


Confused though. I couldnt find Australia in the team supported column. This is Euro right?


I think you should be looking for Austria 🇦🇹, or are you getting mixed up with Eurovision?

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3 hours ago, Chaddyexile84 said:

I was briefly top then Belgium scored again 

I was cursing that goal too, i'm settling into mid-table after a promising start


England failed to throw the lead away and give me 3 points

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