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Do we want up and down votes along with original scores ?

Up and down votes back  

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  1. 1. Up and down votes back

    • Yes
    • No

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14 minutes ago, latics22 said:

Do we want them back?

Most probably costs more to run the website with things like this, I would suggest there isn't potfulls of money, the site works well enough with open debate. 

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9 hours ago, disjointed said:

....the site works well enough with open debate. 



9 hours ago, GlossopLatic said:

Let's maintain some positivity and not bring back down votes if you don't agree challenge it if you feel a poster is unreasonable stick them on ignore.


...and this is why the decision was made to scrap them. That and spammers.

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15 minutes ago, lookersstandandy said:

I can’t edit old posts like in the Latics Footage Index thread, when I come by more/new/recently uploaded footage though?


Ahhh, yeah. Okay, I'll see what I can do - bear with me. Might be this evening before I get around to looking at it.

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3 minutes ago, al_bro said:

As a matter of interest. Why is a 2 min. timer needed?

Probably so that if you say something I’ll advised (racist, abusive etc) it can be seen before you have chance to remove it? 

Not that I’ve ever seen anything racist on here - generally abusive that’s another matter 

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