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League Tables 23.11.2021

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So, how is it looking after Mr Curle's last game in charge? Read on to find out. Despite the timestamp, @oafcmad09 did not post after the cut-off. I edited his username because he had used capital letters.


Everyone's predictions here

Everyone's points scored here


Premier League

The top score was 9 points, by @lookersstandandy, who closes the gap at the top to 2 points, and @rudemedic, who moves up 4 places to 10th. @oafcmetty only missed the attendance by -13 (he'd never forgive me if I didn't mention it!). Self proclaimed champion @24hoursfromtulsehill drops into the relegation zone as @aidan_latics climbs out.

Premier League Table



@JoeP racked up 11 points and shoots 5 places up the table to 3rd, just a point outside automatic promotion as @tGWB moves into 2nd place. @Londonboy's 9 points keep him 15 clear at the top and I'm pretty hacked off that my 9 points didn't take me up at all. @Dave_Og drops out of the play-offs as @mick26 and @south east latic swap places in the relegation places.

Championship Table


League 1

Just 5 points was the best in League 1, scored by @jbroyton, all courtesy of only missing the attendance by +3 and that means he replaces @alien in the last play-off slot. There wasn't a great deal of movement elsewhere, the top 5 staying the same, and @Chaddyexile84 moving up a couple of places to 9th. @RobinsDuckEgg drops a 2 places and there's no change to the bottom six.

League 1 Table

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