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Old School bar scarf


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I have managed to source a supplier/get costs to get some Latics bar scarves made, these will be in the 'old School' colours of Blue with white and Tangerine bands (link below shows what it will look like). I managed to get hold of one many years ago and at least one person every game asks were they can get them from, so I thought I'd try and get some made.



I just wanted to see if there was any interest on this site to buy one as I just wanted to know what kind of numbers to order. These will be very limited 30/50 will be made, the cost to anyone interested will be around £7 plain or if there is a demand I can get 'keep the faith' put on which would put the cost up to £8.50/£9.


I would say that most have asked for them to be plain ... myself I have put on 70's Latics patches (a number of these are around to be bought and i can put you in contact with the sellers) which look really cool.






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Typical Chickers outing then?


Mark, if you saw a bloke shakin like a :censored:tin dog that was Chickers!



yeah it was when i had nearly killed more people that saddam and osama put together could ever have dreamed of!!!




what a day though...the nite was cracking as well though!! SEXYTIME!!

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Seems like there is a great demand for these. I have noted everyones username/email on this and the the JK forum and will contact/post you when I have further details on delivery times, where to find me on match days etc. Hopefully I will have enough to get one to everyone who as reqested so far .... first refusal goes to OASIS members, but I think plenty will be left for everyone else. I may have to increase the amount I order ... but like I said earlier I will keep these scarves exclusive and there will be no more than 50.


I am yet to finalise price (forgot about delivery costs to me)but will be around £7/8. The scarf will blank as any logo etc will make it a little to expensive for both me to order initially as i have to pay up front and to you guys with end price. However I think the majority of people I spoke to prefer it that way and some want to put there own badges on.




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Hi Mark, thought I would post on hear to reply to you asking if people wanted the scarf, I posted on the jk site but am just checking that you saw my post. I would love one of those scalfs, would bring back a few good memories of the tangerine terrors. :D:D:D:idea:


Many thanks


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