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A Big Thankyou


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Anyone who has run a high traffic independant website or forum, will probably know that funds and time are the two biggest commodities you need to have. I'd like to thank the members and staff of Oh When the Blues forums for helping out on both counts!


I'm not going to list the people who have donated to the site, I don't think it's fair - a big thankyou goes out to you guys. I'll send an email to those who have contributed funds. Thanks again!


What I will do (without too much embarassment I hope! ;)) I'd like to recognise, Beardy, wardlelatic, oafcshuck, oa_exile, Stevie_J, Optional and Markoasis for big contributions of time and effort. A big thanks to you guys too - and keep up the good work!


Finally, to the Oldham Athletic Fans Community - thanks for being here - and I hope you find this forum as interesting and fun as we do!


Keep the Faith



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