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"Your not famous anymore" Cobblers away


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“Your not famous anymore” sang out the cobbler fans much to the bemusement of the OASIS contingent!!! When were we famous?


A quick journey up to Northampton today with the majority of the London OASIS lads choosing to drive up rather than the prospect of a six hours round trip courtesy of Rail track engineering works. First reason not to have Sunday football!!


Second reason being my sore head from the night before, Sundays are for recovering from the match and the post match drinks … by the pockets of silence in the ground throughout the game everyone else was suffering the same fate as me :mad:


The game.…


We hardly had chance to hang the flags, find our seats (take more orders for scarves in my case) when Mr Wellens pops up with a great first minute strike. One nil the Tics …..


The early exchanges saw Latics slightly ahead on points when sloppy defending lead to the first Northampton goal after 24 mins. To be honest I was confused as to who was to blame for the goal ... opinion amougst the travelling army was split between Gregan and Haining :gossip:




This seemed to wake the locals who entertained us with a little ditty entitled “that’s why you’re not going up”. A nice touch that would shortly come back to bite um on the arse when a typical Warne :imnotworthy: finish just before half time sent the boys to the sheds to a chorus of “that’s why were going up”.


Wellens really took control of the game in the second half (together with some strong challenges from Rocky breaking up any potential Northampton attacks) and the Home midfield just couldn’t complete. Now what puzzles not only myself but also all OASIS members is what is some fans problem with Rocky? As Danny noted during the game Macca had had his worst performance in a Latics shirt against Bristol City and was cheered off the pitch when he was substituted. If that was Rocky do you think the same thing would happen? He may not have silky skills but he does the job he’s been asked to do … :applause1:



With the engine room of the team humming Latics started to look like the team that put 5 past Forest on New Years day and it wasn’t long before Porter put us 3-1 up with a brave header over the oncoming Keeper who’s only real intention was to hurt Ports… why a card was not given to him I’ll never know. Soon after Ports should have found himself sitting pretty on top of the goal scoring charts but tried to hard to place the ball in the net and it trickled just wide of the post.


Latics were now in full control of the game and the points surely in the bag. But as the oles rang out the worst was feared and sure enough another error in defence lead to a second for the home team and the Blue army had a nervous final five minutes (what’s new) until the ref blew for full time.


This was a great win away from home, Northampton are a team full of confidence and are a far better side than the one we saw at BP in December, and Latics are starting to get some form back


Unlike last week … this was a good day at the office.



Who turned the lights off????


Ktf :OASISscarf:




P.S who ever thought it was funny to tie hundreds of knots on strings of my ‘Keep the Faith’ flag ….. :censored:

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Cheers mate... I try to make use of my PR/journo degree every now and then, I've been doing the write ups for London Skolars RL reserves / Junior teams for a while so I'm slowly getting better.


Haven't seen the goals yet but got skysports news on at moment in hope.



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"You're not famous anymore".


The looks of incredulity on faces around me which then turned into broad grins was priceless! It got me thinking back though and it was said in 1990 that we were "everyone's second team".


In the days before wall-to-wall TV coverage, we were on telly virtually every week whether that was on BBC (FA Cup) or ITV (Littlewoods Cup). The likes of Jimmy Hill and Brian Clough were extolling our virtues as the best footballing team that Season. Alex Ferguson said that Oldham were the best side that Man Utd had played that year and of course we beat the then Division One Champions Arsenal and regular European raiders Aston Villa and Everton amongst other top-flight sides.


In the early 90s, I worked in Telford and I was amazed by the number of Oldham fans there who had nothing to do with the Town but had started following us because of seeing us on TV. I could virtually guarantee that none of them "support" us now but I guess this is similar to how youngsters start following Liverpool; Arsenal; Man Utd - and back in my days as a kid - Dirty Leeds.


On holiday in Portugal, this time in the mid-90s, I walked into a bar wearing my Bovis Shirt and the guy running the place immediately welcomed me as Earl Barrett. I know I had a tan but that was taking it to extremes. Anyway, for the rest of the holiday, we (including my Villa; Burnley and Cardiff supporting mates) were treated like kings. Despite the fact that we were on the slide then, the Portugeezer was a big fan of the Blues simply because of watching us on the TV.


Maybe we once were famous - it's just that we have forgotten?

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