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As we push the boundaries of OWTB communication to all supporters, I'm happy to announce the owtb.co.uk has a RSS feed. This will update every 3 or 4 minutes with the lates post from owtb.co.uk - if you have a newsreader either click on the little orange RSS symbol at the bottom of each page, or copy and paste this link..




To get an aggregator/newsreader follow this : >>>> LINK <<<<


If you're not quite sure of all of this, give us a shout and we'll be happy to explain ot further...

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Not a clue what RSS is mate, can you explain for all the kin folk?


Okay, RSS provide news updates from a website in a simple form for your computer. It's not unlike a ticker tape of information from the website you've got your feed from - in this case owtb.co.uk. You read these files in a program called a newsreader or an aggregator, which collects news from various websites and provides it to you in a simple form. Your aggregator will show the topic title of the most recent posts:




As you can see from my setup, I use firefox and a built-in aggregator called WizzRSS. It's telling me that at this time the topic with the most recent posts in are:





and so-on - you get the general idea. Underneath this window is the actual post of the selected topic, in this case it looks like HOW GOOD DOES THE TABLE LOOK. The red "light" signiifes that I've read it - and the green indicates that I haven't. Most aggregators work in pretty much the same way as this...


I've set up owtb.co.uk RSS feed to the five main forums: Oldham Fans Forum, General Football, The Match, Oasis Messageboard ans of course The Taproom. As I've said I can include ALL of the forums but let's see how it goes on. If you want to request a forum to be placed on the feed, let us know and we'll consider it for submission. The feeds from this site update the aggregator every 2-3 minutes. I'm not sure but optional was commenting that this new board wouldn't load very well on his mobile - maybe this is a way round that. I'm not too hot with mobile communications, but I'm sure they must have built in aggregators. If this is the case, the RSS feed for PDA's or mobile phones is a definate work-around to loading up the entire site.


You cannot post with an aggregator, you can only read...


But what aggregator to use? Here are some choices:


If you've got Firefox it's got to be WizzRSS >>>> LINK <<<<

Look here for a stand-alone aggregator - they're all free! >>>> LINK <<<<


Actually www.allrss.com is a good link, I've just read down the list and you can get an RSS reader/aggregator for mobile phones, blackberry etc.


So there you go, now you can read www.owtb.co.uk anywhere at all!

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IE7 has an RSS reader built in... although IE7 sucks..


get firefox...


or like me go to www.owtb.co.uk or www.comeonoldham.co.uk and add the sites to your RSS feeds on your mobile phone browser..


Then you get all the info you want anywhere!!


My mobby is a k800i... not all mobile browsers support rss.. (really simple script)

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Cheers for that. Firefox 2.0.1 has a built in aggregator as well, but I think there are some security issues with it. Best to stick to Firefox 1.5 and get an aggregator plug-in for it, at least until the security patch has been released for Firefox 2.



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