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I did a thing on JK ages ago, called simply Memories, it started as a huge list of Latics memories, in a one line format. People e mailed Jack with additions or just stuck them on JK and I added to the list, it needs updating 23/10/2002 was the last one, but it struck me that if I updated it then it could be summat that was "pinned" so folks could keep on adding, and therefore original could updated periodically which is what I had in mind when I first did it, but difficult to do on JK.


Anyway here is the article in the JK 2002 format.


Yeah, thanks for that Stipey! Let's post it up and see what we get - there's a lot of catching up to do!


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Posted in 2002: Now it’s true to say that the last week or so has not by any means been the best for us Latics fans has it? However no matter how bad it gets we’ve always got plenty to look back on. I originally posted about 70% of the list of shall we say happy memories on the message board ages ago. Just a few memories which make me proud and glad to be a Latics fan. It’s the things that fans of “big” clubs just don’t get. When I posted it lots of others posted messages that basically said “ great, but what about these” so I added them all in. So just read through the list and I guarantee, even at this time when we’re all a bit down, it will cheer you up, for that matter it should brighten up any day, any time, I hope.


So in no particular order,


THAT penalty by Redfearn.

Neil Adams at the back post, its Latics 1 manure 0, get in there.

Vic Halloms overhead kick v Fulham in ‘77.

Sprinting headlong over Stanley Park thanks to Barlows, just got in for kick off.

Running across the pitch at Formby to change ends at half time.

The fire under the rent-a-stand, at the same game.

Roger Palmers hat trick at Shrewsbury 2-0 down 3-2 up!

Alan Young’s v Leicester FA Cup 4th round ‘79.

Ball bursts, goal stands, we lost, v Luton FA Cup ‘81.

Stitch’s rocket v Baaaarnsley 5th round FA Cup, then used on MOTD during the rest of the season.

Eyres twisty turney dribble, run and bob on goal v Bournemouth ‘02

Wolves, Marshy 3-2 was there a doubt we’d go up after that.

Wolves, Ormandroyd.

Wolves, Berresford.

Wolves errrr, anytime really!!

Lee Richardson’s goals v Charlton, “who needs Milligan.....”

Stevie Taylor’s double on his debut, v Notts County.

City Away Graham Sharps double

City Away OOOOOOOOhhhhhh Roger Palmer

City Away Tommy Wright double

City 2-1 in our Cup Final

Errrr City Away most times!!

Jon Hallworth bustling centre forward, away at Palace!!

Mangle behind the Chaddy goal to wring out foam sheets soaking up the pitch puddles.

10 league wins in a row 1973/74

7 league wins in a row 1977/78

Unbeaten until 17 games in 1990/91

8 in a row 2002/03

“Go on Allot dazzle us with your silky skills” big Geoff at Millmoor during the 0-3 farce.

Dennis Irwin, 25 yarder at Goodison.

Paul Edwards very late equaliser v Brighton in the League Cup, caused a further replay at Leicester.

Sunderland fans at Roker after we missed out on the play offs ‘89.

Mark Wards last min ‘Shezza’ free kick v Notts County to win 3-2. ’83.

Singing “sign him up” as Banger plays out of his skin on loan, what went wrong?

Danny Standrings one man center circle protest.

The Magistrate letting him off further punishment, watching Latics was deemed bad enough.

Seeing Latics stride out at Wembley in a major cup final.

The looks on our ‘older’ supporters faces that day. Sheer joy.

‘Bouncing’ on the wooden terrace at the back of the Chaddy.

Wining at Reading, 3-1 in the FA Cup.

Stewart Barlow’s hat trick at Bradford.

Gary Williams bendy banana shot at Elland Road.

Singing we’ll be top at five o clock during the same game 2-0 to Latics.

Trips on the Latics Liner.

Has Macari had a bet?

The Green Final.

Vic Halom’s hat trick v Carlisle ’76 on Match of the Day.

The look on Ormandroyds face when I told him he wasn’t a stick, but a blinkin’ plank

The look on George Berrys face when I called him a tw@t, be afraid, very afraid.

Hundreds of Yard Dogs at Walsall.

Kevin Francis, own goal, say no more.

Tippys goal of the week v Wrexham.

Dave Beasant drops a clanger, Nick Henry says thanks v v much at the Bridge.

Ritchie, that equaliser at Southampton.

Neil Adams late equaliser at Goodison.

“There’s only one Mrs Morley”

Marshys brave lob v Norwich, live on Sky.

Beating W**nky Wanderers in the League Cup 5-4 on agg? ‘82

Who put the ball in Boltons net, super Darren Beckford.

Who went in the Latics net? Super Darren Beckford home v Wolves

1-0 at Chelsea Beckford scores an’crocks himself good style.

Feed feed feed the BEAR.

The return of Ormondroyd, better second time around, just!

Sheffield Wednesday “riot” game, on the main news that night, headlines in the Sunday papers.

Ipswich, Marshy, brilliant day, promotion at last.

How many pints? How many pints? Had Greegan had? Had Greegan had? He had a………..etc.

“We are top the league” West Ham fans at Upton Park

“But we got games in hand” the reply from the faithful.

Linesman mistakes 7 ft Owl for substitute,

Saw Denis Irwin’s début pre season at Chester & thinking “we got him nowt, my god!”

Joe Royle conducting the Bolton fans after McCarthy makes it 2-2.

Europe? Trips to Italy under Sharp

Rickers double and “Taxi for Bruce” at Hudds.

Muggleton in divers boots at Sjoke, McCarthy puts down his pie and scores.

THAT Ritchie goal v Arsenal.

Andy Holden, an absolute inspiration to those around him.

Portsmouth 1 v Oldham 4 “we can play on grass as well”

Stimson, beautiful OG for us to get a point, in the Chaddy End too.

Latics defender “planting” the Peterborough number 9. 1969?

OOOOOOOhhhhhhh Roger Palmer echoing around Wembley

Paul Bernard thinking he was above it.

Richard Jobson being above it.

Rick Holden’s overhead at Newcastle, shame we lost 1-2.

Rszyard Kowenicki what a shot, what a throw in.

Losing 0-3 at Morton, winning the second leg at BP 4-0. Anglo Scottish Cup.

Rab C Nesbit, next to us same night, with a bottle of Buckfast.

17,000 for a home Division 4 game against Notts County.

John Bowdens screamer at Hillsborough in the FA Cup, forget we lost 1-5.

THAT week Villa, Liverpool, Southampton, yessssssssss.

Including Dissa Pointons inswinging corner, into the top corner of the net.

Creaney v Stoke at BP, “we are stayin’ up” and deja vu...

Down to 10 men v Sjoke, Beavers 1-0, “we are stayin’up.”

Rocket Ron at Grimsby 2-0.

Uriah Rennie, disallows 2 perfectly good goals, 1st home game of the season v Stoke. ’95.

Then gives joke penalty to Newcastle at St James as we are robbed of, at least, a League Cup replay.

The nice West Midlands police, “Right you’re out” “Eh what for?” “Errmm possessing an offensive wife!!”

Marauding Bradford Park Avenue fans decked out in green and white.

Shez duffing his pen, but still scores v Brentford FA Cup.

Days out and wins at Blackpool.

OOOOOOhhhhh Rogers late winner v WBA, and at the next game

“Several sets of keys were handed in after the last match collect at the office”

Marshys rocket v Notts County.

Don Brennans chip into an empty Chelsea net in the fog.

Losing 5-1 at Oxford and still winning the league.

The Snodins

Bill “if they get past me I’ll cripple ‘em” Cranston

Dux’s header at the JCB ‘Stadium’.

Gone (not literally) but not forgotten Stuart Pyke.

Soft lad Paul Wilkinson storming out of BP after being subbed v Perugia.

Asking Dave Bassett what the score was in the Sky TVPortakabin at Ayresome

With a big grin him sticking 2 fingers up at us, Bernard & Olney had made it 2-0.

Carlo bags FOUR against Wrexham

Life before Latique, a tiny shop, a counter 2 old blokes, both always smoking a pipe.

Chris Price og for Villa, Marshy celebrates on his own after it goes in.

Warhurst havin a stinker for Wednesday and getting subbed.

Winning 5-1 at Bramall Lane, that chip from Tommy Wright.

15000 WBA fans at BP, more locked out the day they won promotion to Div 1.

Beating Leeds in the League Cup, and it being on Sportsnight.

McCarthy hat trick at Notts County, the Klinsman he did, the hole he left.

Not forgetting McCarthy stunning manure at Old Trafford with cracker.

“Dissa Dissa” in a pre season game, Neil informs us he prefers Physco, big wuss.

5,000 at Barnsley, Championship season, where are you now?

That Charlton player missing the open Chaddy End net same season.

Worse for ware Chubb getting chucked out at Roker.

Q-ing for tickets ALL night, first game back in Div1 at Anfield.

Laughing as some blokes going home and return with a settee to sleep on in the Q!

Matty Rush ripping Swindon to shreds

Allots cruise missile v Bury.

Ritchie’s likewise at the Goldstone Ground

Perhaps copying Adams the previous season same ground, another belter

Marshys goal against Chelsea first home game back in Div 1

Stewart Becketts books, excellent! Not forgetting Garth Dykes

THAT flag, Keep the Faith BIG style.


Any more?

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i think that list covers most of it ,but you should add the time i took 10 coaches to derby co in 1980 , and how can you forget 1980 sept 6 when sheff wed fans rioted at bp when terry curran got sent off for fouling simon stainrod ,and big jack charlton came on the pitch to try to calm the wed fans only to go off :bigcry: after being pelted with stones by weds fans

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West Brom away when smithy(villa, dale),was arrested for wearing a stupid hat."what you nicking me for","you look a cuddly teddy bear in that hat"said plod....priceless :D


nice piece of censoring rummy

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Me legging it down that embankment on the dual carraigeway, going into Hudds about 4 years back. Lost my footing, tripped and went flying into the middle of the road. I was okay no thanks to the bus load of Latics fans who I travelled with, cheering and clapping as I dusted myself off. Physically intact, pride severley dented...

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Me legging it down that embankment on the dual carraigeway, going into Hudds about 4 years back. Lost my footing, tripped and went flying into the middle of the road. I was okay no thanks to the bus load of Latics fans who I travelled with, cheering and clapping as I dusted myself off. Physically intact, pride severley dented...



forgot about that.You missed the 'pants around your knees bit.' :laught16:

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Ones I thought of adding


Matt O Hallorans winner against Rushden

John Eyre's winner against QPR

Ricky Butchers late winner agains ColU


Oh and..........


Paul Edwards very late equaliser v Brighton in the League Cup, caused a further replay at Leicester.


That, for our younger viewers isn't the current PE, it was in 1977/78, and was and injury time equaliser after we had battered Brighton, Mark Lawrenson and all, it forced extra time. It was the first time I can recall going proper mental after a goal.


And thanks for pinning it up btw Mr Rummy

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What about when we sent Blackpool down. 1999/00 season. Ryan Sugden scored a 90th minute equaliser at the Rocky Road End :)


Oh, they were gutted. It went from a conga in the away end one minute, to hundreds of grown men crying.


How the paddock made them feel better that day :) I still remember running down to the front, and getting squashed by a load of 'meatheads'. :D


Infact in the last game of the season, after they'd been relegated against us. They were 2-0 up against Chesterfield with ten minutes to go. David Reeves (Remember him), scored a 90th minute equaliser against them. So we only stopped them suffering an even worse heartache :D




There was also the time Carl Serrant threw his shirt into the Lookers. I jumped up, had hold of it by the finger tips, but before I could clench my fist, some grown man yanked it from me and ran off into the distance. Think it was the game against Burnley. About 97'/98 at a guess


*shakes fist* 'Ye Barsteward' B):lol:

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Jermain Johnson putting us 2-0 up at Swindon April '04

Celebration Sunday


FINALLY getting a decent striker in Beckett

Diego Cervero

Losing 2-0 at Darlington when they were bottom of the entire League, without a win! Lge Cup Sept '88

Bradford November '04

Colusso at Bury - March '02

Beckford's winner at Bolton

McCarthy's leveller at Bolton!

Milligan's backheel at Maine Road Aug '92

Adams 2 in a minute at Goodison Feb '93

Penalty for Handball by PAUL GERRARD!!! AT Elland Road Feb '93

Roger Palmer's equaliser v Everton Feb '90

Adams just being unable to connect to Palmer' flick at Wembley

Mike Milligan standing on the the ball, leaving Webb and Robson thinking 'where the Flip did that little rubbish go?'

Robson then proceeding to hack him down!

Olney's 2 in a minute v Liverpool May '93

6-0 pre-season deafet to Norweigan part-timers July '93

Aldridge walking at BP an '93

Eyresey's farewell goal

Tommy Wright's return and deut goal v PNE Sept '97

The wind on the plastic paradise v Birmingham April '87

Stoke battering us and still nicking the win FAC4R Feb'94

Standing in the Holte End at Villa and trying not to go mental when Nick Henry scored!

Guy falling arse over Tit over the hoarding in the Lookers (April '02)

Still going to the 2nd Leg v Qpr even though my wife was overdue with my daughter by 3 days

Panicking all the way there and back hoping she would wait until I got back!

Paul Furlong!

Keith Edwards!

Royton Broadway full of Leeds coaches May '87

Late treble v Brentford Jan '01

Tipton's last minute equaliser v Bury Mar' 01

Allott's winner v Luton, after Abbey celebrated their equaliser in front of the Chaddy! Oct'99

Bare chested hail storm conga at Cardiff Jan'98

Conga at Maine Road Sept '91

Andy Goram's return!

Andy Goram Legend!

John Keeley diving out of the way of Cambridge's winner Dec'92

Karl Duguid's penalty miss Layer Road March '00

Andy Holt's winner same game

The Fog - same game

Stoke abandoned

Then Fog almost postponing it again!

Joh Sheridan

We've got our Odham back!

Rick Holden's trilby

Latics toiletries

Stuart Pyke

It's a goal!

Oh no!

James H. Reeve

Tommy Docherty

Pogs celebration v QPR

John Eyre's winner same game

Food poisoning at Hartlepool

Dennis the Menace kit

Sportspark 2000

The scruffy kid who had long blonde hair, looked like a girl pushing the brew trolley round BP late 80's early 90's

Losing to a last minute penalty at Millwall Feb '00

Paul Jones last minute winner v Wigan April '00

Olney's late brace v Leeds Aug'92

2 late goals v Barnsley Nov'04

Killen's 10 goal burst Nov/Dec 04

Ritchie's record of scoring in 8 consequetive games

Jim Kirton

Chris Henthorne

My dad arguing wth Elsie head steward in Lokers lower and getting cobbed out! procedding to miss our last three goals v Birmngham Dec'95

Frozen pitch v Walsall Dec'00 but game played anyway!

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Hot Dog Gate

Vialli - Gravy, Jan'99

Cottee - Gravy, Nov'88

Southall - superb every time

Mike Taylor the steward of the bars

Mark Tyler cup replay Dec'00

Darren Beckford's wonder goal v Coventry League Cup Oct'93

Beardsley/Cole super show Nov'93

"We want Joe......................"Carrow Road May '94

Match Day Curries

Losing out on George Reilly - Signing Frank Bunn instead (Dec'87)

Betsy's miss at Wrexham

"What a waste of Petrol" 5-0 at Reading Sept '00

Gary Kelly peforming miracles week after week in a pisspoor team

Steve Whitehall's last minute goals v Wycombe and Millwall 99/00

Redfearn at Hull

Getting coined at Hull - Dec'01

3-1 up to 3-3, then Marshall unleashes his exocet v Notts County March '92

3-0 down after 7 mins at White Hart Lane Sept'93

Carlton Palmer's og Jan '95

John keeley fantastic until we signed him!

Tommy bloody Johnson!

Julian "Where's yer handbag" Dicks

Chris "Has yer boyfriend done yer hair" Day

Sean McCarthy's somersaults

Paul Rickers rocket at Scunny

John Morrow

Brian Tinnion kicking Tommy Wright all over the field 1/4/89

Tony Henry's 'tasche

Roger Palmer's 'tasche

Ricky Holden's celebrations

The guy with the squeaky voice at the back of the Chaddy (mid-late 80's)

Aroma of tobacco, Bovril and pies on a cold afternoon stood in the Chaddy

5-0 up twice only for both games to finish 5-3 (Portsmouth March '89 & Forest Aug '92)

Willie Donachie controlling midfield at 40

Asa Hartford looking well past it

John Kelly's perm

Peter Skipper being rubbish

Peter Litchfield

Winston Dubose

Andy Rhodes' magic act!

Nick Henry's screamer at Grimsby

Richard Graham's miss at Sunderland

Andy Gorton throwing it all away - twice!

Mike Milligan's stormer v Everton Dec'91

Richie Wellens scoring at Bloomfield

Ian Olney's winner v Spurs

Eric Nixon =steward of the bars!

Any time Stuart Barlow's returned

Andy 'Puddin on a muffin' Barlow

Neil Pointon's gloves

Paul Gerrard's knee supports

Robert Lee's strop

Orpheo Keizersweerd

Standing in the Kop when Barlow scored that OG!

Joe Royle's programme notes

'The Dodger' scoring at the Chaddy end in his Testimonial

Tommy Wright's chip v Portsmouth

Frank Bunn's hat-trick in the Rose Bowl Aug'88

Garnett's og v Rotherham March '01

The pitch resembling a sandpit 92-00

Laziest ballboys in the Football League

Portakabin exec boxes

"I bet he drinks Lees Superb Beers" after any exceptional moment on the Scoreboard

Wagging Finger when an oppo player gets a dressing down from the ref - Scoreboard

Mouldy Old Dough

Fanfare for the common man

Scott Mcgarvey's mullett

Ian 'Beast Man' Marshall

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Bruce Grobbelaars cheeky throw against the back of Grimsby forward.

Ronnie Jepsons 4 minute brace in the same game.

Grimsby fans being moved out of their seats for the huge travelling Blue Army - same game.

Last gasp victory against West Brom in '86 - Palmer. We were stood in the paddock right next to the Baggies fans, should've seen their faces.

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first away trip to york 1973

6-0 against huddersfield 1973

not beinng allowed to go to united at 74 & going mental at my mates when i saw final score the whole family was red lol

northwitch vics at main road

anfield "dad this is the wrong end "" shut up i know where were going " proceeded to watch the game from the front of the cop

going to norwich with my brother in his old tolledo 3-1

same car breaking down & getting a push start of aload of bolton fans (honestly thought we were gonna get a kickin lol)

getting a kickin on barnsley station

standing on the old railway terrace at bolton

getting to luton running up the steps onto the terrace shouting first tic there me & big bro took fifteen minuits of stick for that one lol

keith fekin edwards

desolation at the final whistle whole season gone on away goals (puppy poo)

scarboro 7-0

arsenal 3-1 how sweet as my mate had bin going on and on about tony (eee aww )adams

west ham 6-0" has maccari had a bet lol"


ipswitch away 1991

wendys at home 1991

quein for tickets for anfield

barret 1-0 oldham

adams back post smiechals missed it 1-0

the great escape

getting the mexican wave started versus southampton

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Beating City In the Cup

Beating City in the League

Kinkladze missing penalties

Super Sean firing past the hapless Schemichel

Pointon scoring crucial goals.

Tore Pedersen!

Julian Dicks scoring a screamer at BP for Liverpool.

Getting turned over by Cambridge and Orient in the cup.

Ormonroyd at Molineux.

Sheridan's Playing return at Hillsbrough.

Sheridan getting standing ovation at BP when Tics played Sheff Wed.

Bolton Away - Feed The Bear.

Bolton Away the Year after - 2-0 down, got it back to 2-2.

Beckford in The FA Cup run 94.

Celebrations at Scunthorpe.

Ian Marshall scoring against us on his Ipswich debut.

Redfearn scoring against us.

Barlow away at Bradford.

Richardson's debut goals.

Richardson's penalty at Milwall.

McCarthys 3rd goal at Notts Co.

McCarthy's Somersault in front of Burnley fans.

McCarthy somersault in front of Wolves fans.

Simon Tracey being Sent off against us.

Banger finally scoring.

Andy Ritchie being released.

Gunnar Halle playing in a World Cup.

Stuart Balmer's volley at Swindon.

Alex Bruce/Danny Hall missing sitters against Bolton.

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It is mr Bernard, yes.



Thought so. I think he got injured straight after we signed him, I'm sure I saw him waddling around in the reserves on several occasions.


Thats another thing for the list.........


Reserve games at home, with a 2pm kick off, on Saturdays when the first team was away (obviously, d'oh!)

But in The Lancashire League.

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Wayne Andrews 1st minute at the JJB.

Duxburys header at the JJB

Eyres Last minute free kick at Stockport..

"3-2 to the Taliban" Hull City away in the FA Cup.

Toddy Orlygsson

Latics fans being locked out at Blackpool Away in the late 90s.

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"3-2 to the Taliban" Hull City away in the FA Cup.

Latics fans being locked out at Blackpool Away in the late 90s.

we also got locked out this season at Blackpool.


The Hull game. Ah the memories. What an interesting day that was.


Sitting ducks stood on the away end terrace as we got held in for ten minutes. 2p's coins came flying over by the dozen, from outside. I spoke with a lad I met called Todd going to Forest away last season. He ran on the pitch and was one of a few who ran on the pitch, who got kicked out (suprising they caught so few when you consider how many people ran on after every Latics goal). He'd waited outside the entire game for his mates to come out, so they could walk back to the train station. The final whistle came, and he couldnt understand why no Latics were coming out. He informed me, there was about 200 Hull fans who'd come around to the away end, and there he was on his "Jack" Jones............ :lol: Said he needed a sudden change of underwear, as the police tried clearing them from outside the away end down to a pub, as he somehow managed to keep his head down, get back to the station and avoid a kicking :lol:

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Scott McNiven's wonder strike against Millwall at BP in 97-98 season.

Shame it was in his own net.


The small-ish pitch invasion at Hull in the FA Cup few years back. Bootherry Park, or whatever that rubbish.hole was called.


David Eyres goal from Half way line against BinDippers in LDV game.


Being locked in at swansea after sending them down, Sam Parkin scored twice 2-1 win.


Calvin Zola's MISS of the season at Hartlepool on his debut in a boring 0-0 draw.


Ernie's WONDER STRIKE at Grimsby on boxing day in 3-3 draw. (Also the same day i went on the pitch at Half Time and MISSED A PEN, Stipey must remember, lol)

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I have so many memories of watching Latics over the years, good, bad and downright terrible, but watching Big Joe lead out the Boys in Blue at Wembley is one of the proudest moments of my life.


I was living in Oxford at the time. In the vain attempt to see myself on tv I taped it on ITV. I still have it and it is a good copy. It was good hearing John Sillet complementing our support, 'the friendly final'.

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Ron Futcher scoring in the last minute to make 2-2 away at fulham, 1 point from 30 in (85)


Turning my kids into latics fans :lol:


Playing on the plastic and scoring in the chaddy :D


Latics crowned champs 2007, oh no its not happened yet :D

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