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Some old 70's & 80's pictures


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I've been sorting stuff out at home and the upshot is I can get at me Latics stuff more easily, here's a few pics from programmes and stuff, I'll add some more gradually, if anybody is interested.


First off a team pic 1977/78






Les Chapman, you can just about see him on the deck in front of the Lookers, scores v Luton 27/8/77





Before Taylor, Ged Keegan, ginge mark 1





Roger Palmer tackled by Willie D at Narrich 3/10/81





Darren McDonough possibly at Narrich, as above



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yes it was norwich mate we won 3-1 big darren got one with an absolutly stormin header from about 30yards out a real neck stretcher think paul heaton & oooh roger got the others .will remember this one cos me & my brother got jumped on the way back to the car n chased 4 of em off lol

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