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bit of help please


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i am looking at investing in some kinda additional disk space, as from my 200 gig HD i have bout 4 gig left, all music i hasten to add, i have been told by those at pc assist that my machine is running at the top spec out it can be, and the running of it is not a problem.


if i was to buy a 500 gig external hard drive, could i just have it connected all the time and leave it resting on my pc, and then fill it up with tunes, or will it need to be transferred from my hd to the hd, then back again should i want to put them onto my ipod??


also does anyone know how to turn off that annoying "feature" in itunes, which when loading songs into your library the status bar keeps popping up to the top of your screen "look at me, no look at me!!"

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second things first! - iTunes I don't know - I avoid microsoft and apple as much as possible because they are as bad as each other. don't get me started!


first question - No it doesn't matter. It only matters if you start changing internal components. From what I know Microsoft Win Player from version 9 i think will only allow you to play your purchased, downloaded music on the machine you downloaded it on. It will not work on another machine unless you use Muvaudio or something like to strip the permissions off it - or you burn it to an audio cd and copy it back to your hard drive. The purchased tunes will also not work if you change your processor or hard drive - Microsoft are essentially saying that because you have changed the internal config of your machine, it is no longer the PC you donwloaded the tunes on to. Stoopid eh?


I think you'll be okay with an external storage device thru USB 2 i have done something similar with no adverse effects...

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