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Last one to post wins


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With apologies and grateful thanks to Scapegoat...


Hee hee hee.


You think we can beat 5000+ Singe?


No doubt Stipey will be on here tomorrow with the next 90 odd posts to get the first 00.






Hello :lol:


I'm winning


I got the LPT copied, nearly to date, last one was on the 18/12, when it stood at 9.6Mb, will it post d'ya reckon, or is it :dead:

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singe wrote:

With apologies and grateful thanks to Scapegoat...



Why thanks to me Singe?


Cannot believe we have started this again!


Also - what do they win?


Scapegoat, sorry got it in my head it was your orginal idea/fault!

Now realise it was Punchbag.

Lack of sleep is the main reason for delirium..

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No it didn't BT :)


Btw just looked at the big thred on JK, the "I'm winning" type posts started to dwindle at around the 60 mark, when Gillian introduced a/ the first sweary word and b/ word of the day. By the time we get to 200 (bagged by Singe btw) were onto the Clangers, Fingermouse and Button Moon.


Now thats why I call a proper o/t long thread, most ot 'em seem to be of the one word or line based around being the "winner" which is sad.


Trouble is are there any subjects left, at 5771 posts its slowed down on JK of late, but is that more to do with the crappy functionality of Rivals?



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