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Tranmere (H) Trains, planes and automobiles ... lets not forget the hot air balloon


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Trains, planes and automobiles…. lets not forget the hot air balloon.


Not the usual journey was undertaken by four of us yesterday. With Paul off to Twickers, Danny kindly offered to take the three London adventurers up to BP by making a divert from his journey from Swindon to meet us in Reading… first task was to get to Reading for 9.30am!!!!


My first dilemma was the prospect of engineering work having closed my local tube line on the day I had my earliest match day start of the season, but having managed to secure one of the guest flats at work this first obstruction was avoided…. admittedly this still didn’t stop me from missing my meet with Ollie and Mike to catch the 8.45am train from Paddington to Reading. Lucky for me the trains were every 10 minutes and I soon joined them at Reading were Danny was there to meet us….. BP here we come!!!!


On the journey up we were treated to a hot air balloon, a fine parachute display by five Para’s jumping out of a Hercules, an informative discussion on Ollie’s new diet of a kilo (yep a Kilo!!!) of dried mango and ten pints of Guinness (the major after effect of this diet would soon be discovered by half the main stand during the game included in the 'victims' were the ticket office girls and this may be there reason the ticket office wasn’t open straight after the game!!! ), several renditions of the Junior Kick Start theme (sorry Mike I suppose this puts the tune back in your head) which you really had to be there to understand why this came up and learning the full extent of Danny’s many match rituals. Whilst we are on the subject of rituals … Titch look after those lucky trainers mate


At1.30pm having negotated through the fog and several car accidents on the M6 we arrived at our ‘local’, the Greyhound, to refresh ourselves before the game.


Danny an Ollie soak up the sun outside the Greyhound (in the background between them is Mike)


Now you would have thought that a reserved sticker on the seat is a clue that someone may actually come along and sit there, but it never fails that every time I arrive at my seat a few minutes before kick off some little 'Tic as claimed it as his own. Now you may say I have a strange sense of humour but it never fails to amuse me to see his expression when he’s realised that his error in sitting on a ST holders seat as now condemned him to running about trying to find another seat, which is usually no where near the mates he’s come along with, whilst the Chaddy erupts as the teams arrive on the field :laugh4:



The atmosphere yesterday was one of the best I’ve seen at BP for a while, with the Paddock army especially looking and sounding impressive from the chaddy :army: :army: :army: . Ollie remarked that the whole ground was rocking after the goal … yep this included the whole of the Main stand!! :thumb08:



The late, late winner just capped the day off nicely and to describe his view of the goal here is Ollie “all I could see was the Formica”. Yep after a nine hour round trip Ollie had nipped off to the loo, deciding that after Hall hit the post that I just wasn’t going to be and therefore thought this was a good opportunity to go. The full time whistle blew and the texts started coming in from the exiles around the country …. We are top of the league, we are top of the league!


Pogs celebrates with the Chaddy at full time


Home time!

After cutting a our way through the fog, surviving Ollie’s new diet and deciding that all the radio football phone-ins should be renamed West Ham supporters rant line, Danny dropped us off at Reading (cheers again mate .. first beer is on me on Tuesday) in time for the 8.45pm to London. Whilst in the Station a couple guys heading back from the rugby in London happened to be looking at my programme and upon realising that I'd been to Oldham asked "what the hell are you doing in Reading?" I simply replied "just on my way home" and as I headed off to join the others on our platform they smiled and patted me on the back! Not sure if this was for to my commitment or the fact they thought I was simply mad.... sometimes I'm not to sure myself.


Ollie and Mike head into Reading Station, next stop London


Having toasted our victory with a quick beer on the train we found ourselves back in at London Paddington, only two more legs of the journey to go. With Ollie having headed off to meet up with some mates, myself and Mike decided to toast the victory once again in Charing Cross Station before heading our separate ways......but not before we got hold of the first edition of the Sunday Mirror, opened to the results page and looked at the table … OLDHAM ATHLETIC TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!








p.s. My journey continued with another tube ride and having remembered the engineering works I called at work and completed my journey as a 'white van man' at 11.45pm!!!

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A quality read once again.


Do you know those lads to the right in the very top picture Mark. Or did they just happen to be in the way of the picture. They were sat infront of me in the Paddock. I'm pretty sure there exiles, as i'm more or less certain I recognise there faces from Millwall away, and that pub in London Bridge.


That Photo of the Lookers is ace. I can even pin point myself, despite everyone in that section virtually being stood on seats, singing, 'we are top of the league'



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Rocky, yeh we know the lads we usually meet up with them in the Greyhound before the match ..... I know Kev usually goes in the Chaddy but went into the paddock as it was such a nice day. Kev use to live in London but now back living in Oldham near BP, the others are local Tics as well

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