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No sound

Guest walshy

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Got a new screen yesterday one of those flat screen ones. We have set it up but now we have no sound coming out of the speakers. Any help in getting sound back appreciated.

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Guest oa_exile

Hi Walshy


I am also not an expert but have you tried :


Go into Control Panel > Sounds and Audio devices




Go into Control Panel > Sound Effect Manager


Play around with those

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A pc moniter. And it's the desktop speakers that arn't working now.


Sorry about the delay walshy,


Do me a favour and go


START MENU > RUN > and type



Please check if there are any red crosses or yellow excamation marks against your devices - check the monitor, sound card and graphics cards especially.

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again please.


1. Double-click Sound, video, and game controllers.

2. Double-click your sound device.

3. Click the Properties tab, and then double-click Audio Devices.

4. Click your sound device, and then click Properties.

5. Click Use audio features on this device.

6. Click OK until you return to Device Manager.

7. Restart your computer.


See if that clears it up...

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See thats what i think is wrong. A message keeps appearing about drivers and after having a mess in options before it says no drivers etc. Although we didn't get any disks etc with the screen.

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