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  1. Just been told that our local Indian is reopening for takeaways on the 7th. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Yep, doesn't sound too good but garden peas work okay to give it sweetness. Not mushy ones anyway. Shite, is this what the season's come to?
  3. Well as every day is like an Easter Sunday, here we go. We were once in a Safeway in Napa Valley and asked for a pasta dish to take away, and were offered a serving the size of a suitcase. We now do our own which is cold pasta mixed with diced chicken and sweetcorn and covered with either a Caesar or garlic and herb sauce. Then there's a salad that we do which is a full salad in a bowl with a quartered egg, chicken or salmon and covered in Thousand Island Dressing. A side dish of rice with red onion, sliced grilled pepper, tinned garden peas and sweetcorn is also very nice. Sue's cooking Cajun this weekend, Jambalaya and a Gumbo cooked with okra which is hard to find, we found a single shop in Plymouth that sells it fresh. Never been fussed to try bat though.
  4. And there lies the double problem. It was said that Mo thinks that he's doing a good job, and with his mindset it's unlikely that he's going to give autonomy regarding the team to Dino. It's also unlikely that his brother's going to allow it either as it's his club and he can do whatever he wants. After yesterday's result most of us wearily expected the axe to fall yet again, but he's still there doing what he can with what he's got. I doubt that he'll be given a single transfer window, and also that he'd be given any input. He can pick the team himself but you can only do so much with what's available. In the meantime the shitshow just goes on and nothing is resolved.
  5. I haven't voted as it's completely worthless to do so. I don't like how things are progressing under the Chuckle Brothers but despite initial elation at the Fan Led Group's intentions, I honestly don't know what they intend to do, nor who the ones in the shadows are or if they're able to have sufficient funds to keep the club running each month (as Lemsagam says that he is). I can understand Lemsagam's hostility towards the Fan led Group with the way that they've progressed so far and as always the Trust seem to be unsure of what's going on with them. He said, she said constantly and nothing's being achieved while the club just rots after yet another hammering before the next loss. I was happy at the idea of the Fan Led Group of knights in shining armour riding to the rescue and was willing to put money into any share issue or whatever, but in the meantime I'll just watch sub-standard players being brought in and the further rapid decline of my club. Living here in Cornwall means that I can't get to games but it meant that I could feel like I was helping Latics to survive in some way and feel part of the club. Which with the way that things are going won't be for much longer.
  6. I got absolutely hammered on Doombar when Ketsnbai (what happened to him?) stayed at our old house in Saltash before a game. I stick with Jail Ale and Sea Fury now. Just a Doom Monger as Dave Og says these days, no surprise at the current score.
  7. Total speculation but wasn't it alleged that there were undisclosed debts and Corney was being sued by Marco over them? He paid it off due to a forthcoming court case regarding this matter? Otherwise I'm totally in the dark but it's a step forward.
  8. I had a Whats App message from an Argyle season ticket holder mate last night and he said that he's worried as it might be one of those banana skin games for them. Good luck to the ones who've made the effort to travel today.
  9. It's taken us between four and a half to seven hours depending on how crap the M5 is. Still wouldn't fancy doing that drive to see this shower.
  10. According to The Football Grounds Of Great Britain by Simon Inglis, "The present main stand was begun in 1913 but not completed until 1920 , although it was intended to add wings as finances alllowed. One of the highest attendances was not for football but for the Prince Of Wales's visit in 1921. The main stand is a short, blue painted stand, oddly angled to the west as if it were meant to continue to the goal-line but could not quite reach. The roof appears to have bowed with the effort." Fred the ghost of the Chaddy End also gets a mention.
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