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School kids wind up Rio Ferdinand

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In the Manc Evening News, the ex-captain of England tells it like it is on the school path.


“When you’re walking up the path to school, you don’t want little kids laughing at you or making fun of you because you’ve been beaten.


“That’s what happens if you lose games or get knocked out of competitions. “Young kids can be unforgiving. There’s nothing in their minds that goes ‘he plays football, leave him alone’. If anything, they’re even worse for it. “And there’s still a little kid inside me who has pride and an ego and wants to make sure I can walk up that path and nobody can say anything to me because we’ve won. “I know as soon as that feeling goes it’s time to pack up my boots.”


And, of course, the 6-1 annihilation by City in the Old Trafford derby, that brought Ferdinand yet more grief.


“Now that they are up there challenging we’re seeing more Manchester City kits around town and more people are talking about them,” he said. “You didn’t see that years ago. Now we want to shut those people up too.”


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