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  1. Gordon worked in the Treasurer's Department at Oldham Town Hall, when I worked in the Town Clerk's Dept. Before becoming Latics manager, he played in the same Oldham Nalgo team as me against Manchester Nalgo. Happy days!
  2. Everything you need to know thanks to Ipswich Town's comprehensive guide. https://www.itfc.co.uk/siteassets/image/202122/fan-guides/itfc---visiting-fans-generic-guide-2021-22.pdf
  3. When Tony ran the London Marathon the day after Latics won at Millwall, he wore his Latics shirt and got pelters south of the river.
  4. When Latics played at Ancona in the Anglo-Italian Cup, there were 33 Latics supporters in a crowd of 311 (including about 150 off HMS Glasgow). All but a few of the home fans boycotted the game over some dispute with their club. It's the lowest ever recorded for a competitive game involving Latics.
  5. A friend who I was sat next to at Rochdale explained that it is a matter of syncopation - a variety of rhythms played or sung together to make part or all of a tune or song off-beat - rather than the number of syllables. He illustrated it by chanting the second "we want" as "wewant". The main thing is to make sure it's obvious what we want, regardless of how we chant it.
  6. I wonder if the teams will be playing for the Ernie Cooksey Trophy.
  7. Extract from the ’Beesotted Brentford Fans’ Network Post-Match Debrief’: Room For Improvement The away end stewards who, if Twitter is to be believed, made Oldham fans take down their protest banners and turn t-shirts inside out if they had offensive messages on. Sad if it’s true and beyond the call of duty. It is not their job to act as henchmen for the Oldham owners. Fans’ Performance The Oldham fans were excellent, in numbers, in gallows humour and in song. You can’t blame them for an 80th minute vanishing act. It’s a long way home and they did their club proud tonight.
  8. This takes my mind back to Bramall Lane in 1990 in the Zenith Data Systems Cup, when Latics went into an early 2-0 lead over Sheffield United only to lose 7-2!
  9. The current chant consists of six syllables followed by five, reducing Abdallah to Dallah. Your suggestion is two sixes and looks good on paper, but putting the emphasis on the second WANT would slow it down fractionally, which won't be accepted by the chanters. This is probably how Lennon and McCartney discussed their compositions.... yellow submarine or blue and tangerine?
  10. In addition to Abdallah's many ways of antagonising the supporters, his name has too many syllables for the main chant. At present the second half is "WE WANT DALLAH OUT!". I would dare to suggest dropping the second 'we', making it sound better like this: WE WANT ABDALLAH OUT, WANT ABDALLAH OUT!
  11. This info from the official Dale site may be of interest to protestors with banners/flags: Banners are allowed in the away end. A fire safety certificate is required for all banners over 7ft x 3ft. All fire rating documents should be supplied before banners can enter the stadium. Approach a steward who will show the best place the banners can be placed. We do not allow any banner considered offensive to be put on display. If a supporter is unsure whether the content is offensive, they should contact the club. No flags on poles are allowed.
  12. The Club has now added the words "in person" as an option for the purchase of tickets for Brentford, without drawing attention to the dramatic change in policy. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/september/09082021-away-ticket-news/
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