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  1. thanks guys, fingers cross today for a win and win on this game!
  2. Yeah, i was told it does generate small revenue for the club from another fan so i've had a go. In fairness it was pretty quick to enter so give a go for a few weeks. I was just wondering how many had won.
  3. I've noticed the Oldham Picks game throughout this season and just wondering how many are actually playing. Thinking of signing up as it says it free? Just wondered what people thought and how many won on it??
  4. I can understand why he's gone Garrity over Whelan. We have a regular Tuesday/Saturday run now and he needs to use the squad. I think we can build on Saturdays result and win again.
  5. I agree with this. He might turn out to be shit but you've got to have something to get through these youth systems. If one of these players with pedigree gets confidence and games they could grow into a good player for the club and we will be better off performance wise and we always have the option of financial income from a sale.
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