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  1. Of course there is a long way to go. The lottery was never the main income driver But we're now into 5 figures raised. The new website will allow direct donations, pledges and legacies and other methods being worked on. I live in a Kent so I'm afraid my efforts will focused on the Lottery. 2 of the Directors have a stand in the OEC, Which leaves only 4, who I'm sure will focus on the donations via the Web, people have very little cash these days. I can't see the club allowing buckets on their domain anyway. I take your point of a desire for it to be accelerated though. Hopefully people can get behind the donations/pledges and a momentum starts.
  2. I don't see it as a rainy day fund, it's still pretty short term. The aim is ownership/majority and or stadium, but other unforseen eventualities not ruled out. If that is what you are terming rainy day then I'm a bit confused, what should the main immediate money raised be for? At this stage all the money will go into the same Rescue/Purchase/TBC main 1895 pot. Anything 1895 will be Contingency Fund/FanOwnership/TBC Fund and the other little bits of revenue like easyfundraising for the OASF admin. The main 1895 fund will comprise basically of Lottery, Pledges, Donations, Bequests and a couple of other projects being worked on. What should that be used for?
  3. Ah right got you. It is unifying those competing views that is a huge challenge.
  4. I'm not sure I am competing in your views, quite a lot of what you say I agree with! I guess I am saying if there is another name that's better then I'd say call it that. It's difficult because there can be a multitude of scenarios that would be good. Obviously it has beens stated it's majority shareholding, stadium ownership or both -which doesn't roll of the tongue - but if Jim Ratcliffee came along and said he wanted the OASF shareholding too then that would be minority but you wouldn't say no to that! Other than that, I'm confident your views have been taken on board.
  5. Hi Andy, I think at the time of deciding that name there was still the possibility of having to work with the owner for permission to use of various parts of the ground. There are also a significant tranche of people that don't believe fan ownership will ever work it's trying to bind everyone together we're divided and conquered at the moment. I'm not in a position to decide, but if it's not a Contingency Fund I'd be interest what would you call it?
  6. Thank you for taking the time to write, and it is clearer what your thoughts are. I've always thought it was clear that we wouldn't take a minority shareholding to prop up the current owner, and it's only owning the club, stadium or both but obviously there is some abiguity that you've both highlighted that needs addressing. Once the new website is launched, I think it will be clearer in itself but that will also be a focus going forward anyway and I will do my little bit on the Lotttery side too. I've fed both your comments back too. Thanks again.
  7. Begging bowl out. We need just 8 more lines to break the 300 barrier, it is already a record week, I'd love to break 300! Play here: http://tinyurl.com/OASF1895Lottery £1 a week, 5 weeks minimum to keep the costs down.
  8. Sorry Dave, I missed replying to this. Basically the new website will have the facility for one off and regular donations straight into the Contingency Fund. Looks like being ready in a couple of weeks.
  9. That's right. Not dumb at all. We do a lucky dip from all the lines entered also.
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