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MUTU fined a massive £13.68million

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Adrian Mutu - will appeal.




Fiorentina star Adrian Mutu has vowed to appeal against the £13.68million fine :shock: he has been ordered to pay former club Chelsea, slamming FIFA's ruling as "unjust" and "inhumane".


FIFA's dispute resolution chamber ruled that Mutu must make the compensation payment after testing positive for cocaine while at Stamford Bridge in 2004.


The Romania striker was sacked by Chelsea following his failed test but has since rebuilt his career in Italy and he has vowed to fight the ruling.


"This is an unjust and inhumane sentence," he told reporters, as he confirmed that his lawyers were studying the case. "We are going to appeal.


"This sanction is not right, because I don't think I have committed a crime that merits such an amount."


World players' union FIFPro have pledged their support to Mutu as have the Romanian Footballers' Trade Union (AFAN).


Mutu and his lawyers are expected to present an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the next few days, although reports suggest a decision by them will not be made before next year.

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