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Interview with an Opposition Fan.



A little late this week (just like the match), this Sunday we take on Hereford at Boundary Park. Hereford are currently propping the table up and in their worst form for just over a season. Incredible as it sounds, in their first season back in league football (two seasons ago), they went an amazing 10 games without scoring a goal.


So I gave the wonderfully sarcastic Hereford fans 8 questions:


1. Hereford are in strange situation, being managed and owned by the same person. What are your thoughts on this (now familiar) situation and Graham Turner himself?


It has brought welcome stability to an ailing club that looked likely to fold and I'm personally content to maintain the status quo for awhile longer.


Turner has done a great job in doing a bit of both. Since we've risen up the leagues I think it's a bit much on him especially as he's in his mid 60's now I think in a few years he will bring some one in to manage the club.


We are used to it now, if GT hadn't stepped in we wouldn't have a club.


2. Is it time for a change? Do you need two separate people owning and managing the club to provide a different point-of-view on the running of the club?


As I say, I'm happy at the moment. GT won't be around forever though. When he decides to retire from management, I would be happy for him to continue as chairman and hand the reins over to a young and hungry manager.


Not really still got a few years in him yet had his best season for us last season and I don't think anyone else would keep us up but him. As I say in the next few years maybe a new hungry man can come in with Turner on the sidelines.


Maybe i sometimes think that GT would be better stepping away from managing and become a full time chairman but don't think that will ever happen because he wouldn't be able to stand by and let someone else manage the team.


3. I think its safe to say Hereford have had a bad start to the season, is this because you have risen to League One too quickly without investing in the team?


Not really. I think we've spent within our limits and I would be wary of overeaching because the last time we did we nearly went out of business. GT will not spend money he hasn't got to keep us in this league. As long as the acquisitions he has made give us their best efforts I'll be satisfied, but disappointed if we are relegated as a result.


Poor start to the season has been unlucky more than anything, losing by an odd goal and missing so many chances right at the death has been so so annoying but we'll improve. We could invest in the team and go straight back down which would leave us in a big mess. If we go down with the team we currently have we can just kick them out and re-build again.


We are a small club who can't afford to pay big wages so it's hard to attract players

the team don't seemed to have gelled this season which they did last.


4. With five loan players playing for you at the moment, is this something that has happened often? Do you rely on larger clubs loaning you players each season?


It has been our model for player recruitment for the last few seasons. Like most fans, I suspect, I'm happy when it gets results and worried when it doesn't. I thought a lot of the flak that we received from other sides last season was amusing and unwarranted in equal measure.


Every club relies on larger clubs for players maybe not to the extent that we do but loan players has worked for us before this season maybe not as effective but I expect we'll see one or 2 stars come in January to keep us up.


Due to our finances yes this is something that happens a lot .

our style of play is one that bigger clubs are happy to lend youngsters to us so they get 1st team experinence


5.With only one win and two draws this season, can you stay in League one?


I believe so, but we need to improve. Not necessatily in terms of personnel, though that would be welcome. We need to grind out a few results and build on it.


Yes as I have said we've been unlucky the support in voice anyway from the fans is good and we'll keep going right to the end.


it will be tough but it's not over yet


6. Who is your 'one to watch', who causes defenses problems or who causes attackers problems?


When Dean Beckwith is on song, I believe we have a magnificent centre back for this level. I rate Steve Guinan very highly and always have. I think Bradley Hudson-Odoi could prove to be a fine player. Toumani Diagouraga already is.


N'Gotty is pure class a big factor on top of Randolph for only conceding 1 at Leeds and was solid at home to Walsall.

Hudson-Odoi one for the future has put a few away this season.


moses Ashikodi on loan from watford good youngster


7. To the match, can you beat Oldham on Sunday?


Yes. Yes, we can.


Not really only a win would cheer me up at the moment but I suppose I draw would be good.


would like to think so but will take a draw


8. Prediction of the score?


We'll sneak a cheeky one nil win and build on it in subsequent matches. :wink:


I expect us to lose narrowly again though by 2 goals to 1.






The Hereford fans were.... a little hard work this week!

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