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simon cowell has great taste''s


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simon's jar not for leeslover

We wanted to share some great Monday news with you all.


All of you UK and North American fans will know who Simon Cowell is. A few weeks ago he mentioned one of the Xfactor contestants was just like Marmite, "You either love it or hate it". Well, we've been up to a bit fun recently...


After chasing the Xtra Factor for most of last week, Holly Willoughby presented Simon with his personalized Marmite jar on Saturday's (25.10.08) show! The Marmite piece appears at the start of the show in the Xtra Factor studio, where the judges are talking to Holly about the nights performances. Holly then reminds Simon of his comment about Diana being like Marmite on the show a few weeks ago and showed the clip.


Holly then presents Simon with his personalized Marmite jar, saying ‘the makers of Marmite have given this gift to you, as you’re just like Marmite’! This then sparks a debate between the judges about how Simon is like Marmite, highlighting that you either love or hate him. All through the clip, Simon raves on about how much he LOVES Marmite and how you can’t beat a slice of toast with a spread of Marmite. After this discussion, Holly tries to continue with the show and Simon pushes his Marmite jar in the shot and the frame zooms in on the jar!

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