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an appeal for charity-wanted your old latics shirts etc

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Penya 2 Ethiopia:

a quick history into our barca uk penya (supporters club)project that started 2007.a very good friend of mine who is a school teacher donated his entire football shirt collection to a school that he is connected with and finance in Ethiopia. he is now asking for donations for a return trip for feb 2009...he adds:


"At the start of this season some of my colleagues returned from a visit and assured me that a Barça stronghold was developing in the foothills of East Africa. 6 of my old Barça shirts have formed a team and are playing against 6 of my old "rest of the world" shirts. May I ask if anyone has a shirt or two going spare and would like to donate them to the children of the Bahir Dar Day Centre School,Ethiopia, they would be gratefully recieved at....


Penya 2 Ethiopia

Ryton Comprehensive School

Main Road


Tyne & Wear

NE40 3AH



A trip will be going out in late Febraury 2009 and any shirts received will be going out then.


So far the inventory stands at:


Barcelona 16

Newcastle 4

Dundee Utd 3

England 2

Brasil 2

Italy 2

Man City 1

Juventus 1

Scotland 1


Thanks in advance for any contributions that come in. messi.gif"



i have today sent him 2 old latics shirts,and i really hope some of you guys can help out too.

most of you must have some latics shirts-or any other club/country for that matter-that are sat aroung gathering dust...so lets get some more latics fans in africa!

condition is not important,as long as they are not completely knackered!


if you wish not to post them directly to the address above,but instead hand them to me at the white hart before and after the game this saturday,i will send them altogether myself.

thanks very much!



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