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PlayerShare WebShop - your ideas for Christmas 2012 please

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Since February last year PlayerShare WebShop has raised over £2,000 for PlayerShare as a result of people clicking through to their preferred retailers via http://www.spendandraise.com/xtra/shop/retailers/


With Christmas coming up there is an opportunity to add significantly to this. The average family spend £600 more at Christmas. 3,000 Latics fans spending £600 is £1.8m. If they all did that via PlayerShare WebShop at an average 4% commission that would mean an extra £72,000 for the manager's playing budget. Just from Christmas. More from the rest of the year!


Now I know we won't reach everybody and £72k is a million miles off. But I would love to hear your ideas on how to spread the word. How to get more people using PlayerShare WebShop automatically. What would switch you on to using it as part of your online shopping. Understand what gets in the way of people using it. How to turn what is currently a nice top up of PlayerShare funds into something that can make a real difference on its own.


Open forum. Bounce some ideas out there. However wild!


What do you think?


Please help PlayerShare WebShop do even more good for Latics.

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